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Recycled Beer Barrels are New Dog Watering Stations at Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden
  Old beer barrels have been recycled to provide new dog watering stations at Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden, South Walsham. Two have been set up so far, near the tearoom and down by the staithe next to Fairhaven's broad, with a third watering station coming soon. Visitor Peter Brough's dog, Pippa, sampled the new watering   read more

Westonbirt, The National Arboretum, is a fantastic place to walk your dog!
Dogs are welcome in Silk Wood: Representing two thirds of the arboretum, there’s plenty of space to explore with your pooch! Please keep dogs on a lead around the car parks, and also in the area outside of the Westonbirt Restaurant, the Great Oak Hall, the shop and plant centre and the toilets. Facilities for you and your dog:   read more

The Crossbreed & Mongrel Club
The Crossbreed & Mongrel club was launched in 1994 after a group of enthusiasts got together after answering a letter I put in a dog magazine asking if anyone felt like I did that there should be a club especially for crossbreed & mongrel dogs. Our aim was to show that owning a crossbreed or mongrel dog is something to be proud of and   read more

Clumber Park, Worksop
  Clumber Park, Worksop - National Trust Clumber Park is a beautiful expanse of parkland, heath and woods covering more than 3,800 acres. Today Clumber offers freedom to discover a ducal park - explore picturesque parkland and gardens, peaceful woodlands and a magnificent lake. Not only is Clumber's mosaic of habitats home to an   read more

Get fit in 2018 with CSJ
CSJ says dog owners can turn New Year resolutions into reality whilst exercising their pet. Now is the time of year when people turn over a new leaf and decide it’s time to take more care of their health and the answer could be with the help of the companion lying at their feet. CSJ supports numerous canine events including sled dog r   read more

Crowds flocked to English Nursery Finals
  The sheepdog world was out in force for the English Nursery Finals on Sunday 25th February at Castle Rising in Norfolk. Sponsored by CSJ the prestigious event attracted 45 top runners with the Team Event being won by The East Anglian Sheepdog Society - Ed Hawkins, Ed Thornalley and Sue Little - and the Breeders Cup won by Richard   read more

Dog Walking Freedom - It's in the Bag!
  Dicky Bag, what is it? It's a Dicky bag: a tough, clever, useful little device invented by Mandy Davies a mumtrepreneur. Useful for what? Revolutionising the dog walk, making it a pleasure again. Whether you’re using it to store your phone, wallet, keys, ball, leads or the original idea POOP you can enjoy your walk   read more

Mud larks at sled-dog World Championships!
  Mary Carter didn’t let the mud stop her from winning a fantastic Silver medal at the 2017 World Championships of the International Federation of Sleddog Sports held in Poland in November.   As seen in the photo Mary gritted her teeth and triumphed in the ‘6 dog Rig pure breed’ race despite being splattered   read more

Dog walking : Canal & River Trust
  Dog walking : Canal & River Trust When it comes to stretching all four legs, the canal is a canine’s best friend. Paula Boyden, deputy veterinary director at the Dogs Trust says: “Many dog owners enjoy taking their dogs for walks along the canals and rivers because it is generally quite quiet. Many city-dwellers   read more

CSJ foiled!
  Gravy Works! has joined the rest of the CSJ Herbs in a shiny re-sealable foil pouch. With its combination of powdered fruit (including tomato), herbs (including mint) and meat, Gravy Works! is simply mixed with warm water to make a thick gravy and makes even the fussiest dogs eager for mealtimes. This move to a fresh and   read more

Veteran Charlie gets back in harness to win Gold!
Bethan and Danny Fitzgerald had stopped racing their ‘oldie’ sled dogs but felt that early retirement just walking on the beach and in the forest didn’t suit them so Danny decided to treat them to a 6 dog race at the New Year’s race at Thetford ….. and Bethan told CSJ, “They ran like 3 year olds and won G   read more

Dog Friendly Britain : CAR STICKERS!
     Would you like a FREE Dog Friendly Britain Car Sticker?   Business owners if you welcome dogs then we have FREE "Well Behaved Dogs - Welcome Here" window stickers which we hope will let dog owners know where they, and their dogs, are welcome.   Just email:   read more

It's arrived! Turmeric tincture from CSJ
  Just a tiny 1ml per 10kg of bodyweight is all that is needed to deliver the many benefits of CSJ’s new turmeric tincture - TurmerTinc! A blend of extracts of Turmeric and Cracked Black Pepper, this natural herbal tincture is highly palatable and being fed in such small quantities is ideal for dogs that are fussy feeders. CSJ   read more

The Countryside Code
   Keep dogs under effective control...   make sure that you know the Countryside Code     read more

How to keep pets cool on hot days
  You may think that looking after your pets in hot weather comes down to common sense, but... never hurts to go back over the basics. So here's a brief guide to keeping dogs, cats and other common pets cool this summer.   Dogs Dogs aren't much good at keeping themselves cool, so you'll need to help them. Here's   read more

British Flyball Association (BFA) What is Flyball? Flyball (International Flyball Racing) is a team "knockout" relay race with 4 dogs and their handlers. A team is permitted to have 6 dogs and handlers (so they have reserve dogs.) The object of the race is for each dog to jump over 4 hurdles, trigger the Flyball box to get the   read more

Travelling with your pet? Taking your pets abroad?
If you are preparing to travel abroad with your pet the Animal Welfare Foundation has created a simple guide to help you keep your pet safe.  Their 'Taking Your Pets Abroad’ leaflet includes: A pre-travel checklist Advice on how to prevent common diseases transmitted by insects and ticks  A guide to the Pet Travel   read more

Dogs 'mimic movements of owners'
By Victoria Gill Science reporter, BBC News Dogs "automatically imitate" the body movements of their owners, according to a study. This automatic imitation is a crucial part of social learning in humans.   But Austrian researchers report that the phenomenon - where the sight of another's body movement causes the observer to   read more

DOGS FOR LIFE: a people issue
Probably more than any other issue in the natural environment, the UK’s 6 million dogs can provoke passionate feelings and intense debate by all those touched by their presence. A lack of understanding or sensitivity by even a small number of dog owners can seem like a big issue at a local level; in wider society this has traditionally led   read more

Shar-pei wrinkles explained by dog geneticists
Just how did the Shar-pei get its famous wrinkled appearance? Scientists who have analysed the genetics of 10 pedigree dog breeds believe they now have the answer. Their research identifies 155 distinct locations in the animals' genetic code that could play a role in giving breeds their distinctive appearances. In the Shar-pei, the team found   read more

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