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Wales gundogs at Windsor

The Wales Gundog Team were honoured to take part in the Home International Field Trial 2016 at Windsor on 28th November.

Headed by captain Nigel Probert the team competed in the special event which was organised as a celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday and to showcase the best retrievers in the United Kingdom.
Each team was made up of the best 4 handlers from each of the home nations – Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland.
Nigel had selected for his Wales team Diana Wiggin with FTCh Brockweir Daisy, Vicki Stanley with FTCh Patanavac Brough, Haydn Willmott with Stykes Boy Llangynidyr, and Simon Hagain with FTCh Skeviot Emerald.  
Her Majesty the Queen attended from the second round – walking in line for the second round and then, due to the extremely cold wind, observing from her vehicle for the third round.
She then handed out awards to all the handlers, with Top Dog going to Wales’s Haydn Willmott with Stykes Boy Llangynidyr and the trials being won by the Scotland team with Wales second, England third and Ireland fourth.