Dog walking : Canal & River Trust


Dog walking : Canal & River Trust

When it comes to stretching all four legs, the canal is a canine’s best friend.

Paula Boyden, deputy veterinary director at the Dogs Trust says: “Many dog owners enjoy taking their dogs for walks along the canals and rivers because it is generally quite quiet. Many city-dwellers find the peaceful nature of the waterways a wonderful escape from the hustle and the bustle of the city. All dogs enjoy a long walk and exploring with their noses, so all the smells – people, boats and animals - are wonderful for environment enrichment.”

In the heart of the city and out in the countryside, waterways have always been popular places to take a stroll. And with over 2,000 miles of canals and rivers to explore, there’s plenty of room for everyone. So if your dog’s as polite and respectful as you are then grab that lead and hit the towpath with man’s best friend.

Here are few ways to make sure everyone has a good time:

  • Keep your dog on a short lead around busy spots like locks and bridges
  • Make sure they’re wearing a collar with an ID tag
  • Please pick up anything your dog might drop and pop it in a bin

Dog Walking : The Canal and River Trust

For more on Dog-friendly sites on the canals, please see the canalrivertrust website

Images supplied by The Canal and River Trust