The Crossbreed & Mongrel Club

The Crossbreed & Mongrel club was launched in 1994 after a group of enthusiasts got together after answering a letter I put in a dog magazine asking if anyone felt like I did that there should be a club especially for crossbreed & mongrel dogs.

Our aim was to show that owning a crossbreed or mongrel dog is something to be proud of and that they are not inferior nor superior to pedigree dogs , but fun to own useful canines in their own right.

By becoming a member of the club, you are given the opportunity to register your dog, giving members the satisfaction of knowing that their dog's history has been recorded for future record and research. Over the years we have had over 200 different types of crosses registered, not surprisingly Border Collie crosses and German Shepherd crosses are the most popular type of crosses we have registered with the Jack Russell type cross hot on their heels. But to their owners everyone unique and loved by their owners no matter what they look like.

We decided to start organising our own type of shows especially for Crossbreed & Mongrel Dogs giving members and other mixed breed owners the opportunity to show their dogs with pride without being referred to as Scruffs or Mutts and the opportunity to qualify for the Crossbreed & Mongrel Club's Supreme Champion. Also we wanted to give a chance for owners to get together and have fun with their dogs and socialise.

Over the years we have had some wonderful dogs through our shows, we never know what type of dogs we are going to meet. It can range from a basic collie cross to a Yorkshire terrier x Corgi x Shetland Sheepdog to a more serious cross Husky x Wolf, but lets not forget the good old Mongrel of various shapes and sizes even with three legs! And a lovely dog he was and is remembered in our Garfield award at SCAMPS. These are Pet Dog Owners who have often never been to a dog show before and are amazed when their dog gets placed and sometimes the Kleenex comes out as they are reduced to tears with pride.

After a few years as well as our CMC Shows we brought in SCAMPS Heats to allow more people from around the country to have a chance to qualify for our “Supreme Champion Class” at SCAMPS our National Show and Club Rally. SCAMPS heats can be held at family fun shows.

This year we have increased our Heats to 20, we sponsor these SCAMPS heats by supplying Rosettes for the four classes that comprise of a SCAMPS Heat to 6th place and the SCAMPS Heat Winner and Reserve rosettes. By doing this we are donating good quality rosettes to our winners and by going to 6th place we are hopefully sending 24 Crossbreed or Mongrel dogs home with a rosette, this makes sure of consistency at all our SCAMPS heats. Plus the SCAMPS heat Winner gets a year's free membership of the Crossbreed & Mongrel Club and a ticket to the Supreme Championship class.

Our slogan is “Crossbreed & Mongrels not second class, but first rate” and because of this we always try to give our dogs the best we can afford.

Children can also join in the activities of the club, they have their own newsletter “Nose prints” and we have special Junior Handling classes in our shows and at SCAMPS with a chance to win our “Top Junior Handler” Award.

As well as offering support and advice to prospective members looking for mixed breed dogs on our helpline Sarah 01964 614858 or Barbara 01634 242552, the club through its shows and activities helps to raise funds for all types of animal charities.

The club also holds Camping Rallies to give members a chance to get together socially with their dogs, the CMC's BBQ's are a legend. This year the clubs summer camp rallies are being held at Kings Lynn, Norfolk from Thursday 29th June till Monday 3rd July and then their week long holiday rally is held regularly in the North Lakes, Cumbria at the end of July. If you were to ask members what made the Cumbria camp so special that makes members keep returning it has to be the beach at Allonby bay, a dog friendly beach not full of holiday makers so we can cause no one offence , (but ssh it's a secret) to see 13 dogs running about socialising and having fun together on the beach. Some of these dogs are rescued and are not supposed to socialise, my little Terrier (now departed) included, she loved it!

Finally the club is run by dedicated members who put lots of time and effort into making the club work along the principles of the founding members, but this does not mean we cannot grow as a club. So if you love Mongrel and Crossbreed dogs and would like to meet other Mongrel and Crossbreed owners for fun and friendship, then why not join the only national club that works to promote these unique dogs.

Don't forget! that owning a crossbreed or mongrel dog is something to be proud of and they are not inferior nor superior to pedigree dogs, but fun to own, useful canines in their own right.


Article by Liz Colley: President & Co-founder.