Eezy Peezy! for lawns


At a time when lawns are coming under siege from dry weather CSJ has a herbal product on hand to help … their 'Eezy Peezy!' has been specifically formulated to optimise urinary health and help prevent burn marks on lawns caused by pet urine.


With ingredients including Burdock Root, Celery Seed, Golden Rod and Dandelion, Eezy Peezy! sprinkled on dogs’ food is a simple way to help care for pets and lawns alike.


A typical customer comment says, “In the past I tried other lawn burn tablets, but to no avail, there was still loads of bad burn marks. It got to the point I was having to hose down the area after my dog toileted to stop the damage! So I decided to try a more natural alternative. I must say this has done wonders in reducing the lawn burn in my garden, will definitely continue!


CSJ suggests ordering the resealable 300g foil pouches of Eezy Peezy! now before lawns get really bad!


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