CSJ says "Bugs are STILL around!"


Ceri Rundle, CSJ’s founder says, “I usually take my Working Border Collies off Billy No Mates herbs during winter but this year have noticed that ticks in particular are still a problem so have added it to all my dogs’ feed again.”

The combination of warm and wet weather in our changing climate has had a noticeable effect on the bug population.

Whilst certain bugs can be beneficial in some ways fleas, ticks and mites are definitely bothersome and even dangerous to dogs and humans so are much hated by dog owners.

Ticks transmit microbes that cause diseases, such as Lyme disease and Babesiosis and are very good at passing on infections from one animal to another.

They feed by biting and then gorging on blood. It can take several days before they fall off so it’s important to safely remove any as soon as they are found.

But prevention is better than cure and Ceri says, “Billy No Mates is available as a dry herb or as a tincture and can happily be used all year round … as I am now doing!”


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