CSJ’s turning back Thyme!


CSJ are reporting a big increase in Turn Back Thyme! sales as dog owners become increasingly aware of the beneficial properties of herbs for their senior dogs.

Their herb expert developed Turn Back Thyme! with the older dog in mind and it has particular ingredients aimed at the older dog, including Blackcurrant & Thyme, Rosehips, Mint, Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Cayenne.”

CSJ say, “Certain changes occur when dogs get older - some of which we do not see or even appreciate! Their bodily functions slow down and this may result in a number of medical problems. For instance, difficulty after a walk or exercise in getting up; kidney problems, liver problems, skin problems and so on.

The feedback since Turn Back Thyme’s launch is tremendous and we’re delighted to have been able to help our customers and their beloved dogs.”

The daily dose of this gentle blend should simply be added to the dog's dinner - either once a day or split into two….and can be added to RAW or conventional diets.


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