No Air Miles - naturally with CSJ


CSJ says the UK manufacture of their natural ranges of pet food, herbs, treats and skin products plus that virtually all their ingredients being sourced in the UK is becoming a significant comment from satisfied new customers.

Ceri Rundle, CSJ’s founder says, “As farmers ourselves, my husband Phil and I have always striven to support British farmers.”

She added, “Dog owners are also now increasingly aware that their use of quality goods from UK producers has extra benefits to the environment such as Low Food Miles and No Air Miles.

In the current challenging times it seems that owners are ever more conscious of how, where from and what ingredients go into their dog’s food and are prepared to spend more time on thorough research before choosing or changing a diet or supplement.

Our qualified nutritionist is always happy to guide people who may be unsure which products from our ranges would best suit their needs whilst they can be sure that not only will their pet benefit, but so will the environment - alongside British farming and jobs.”

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