CSJ's winning package


Few dogs are fed soley on just one item of nutrition, with many also being given supplements, treats and snacks or a different variety of food.

With their broad ranges CSJ say they provide dogs with a winning combination tailored to the needs of dogs in their specific circumstances.

CSJ’s Ceri Rundle gave an example of CP30 formulated for dogs needing a high energy diet including bitches in whelp and puppies being used by many champions at the top of their sports such as Aled Owen 4 x International Supreme Sheepdog Champion and 2 x World Champion.

She went on, “Some owners choose to add our STORM ® Canis which is a totally natural feed supplement that can help all working and sporting dogs work at optimal speed and power for longer by encouraging fast bursts of speed and quick recovery times.

Others add CSJ Salmon Oil which is 100% pure cold pressed salmon ensuring the unsaturated fatty acids Omega -3 and -6 qualities are not impaired so help strengthen the immune system and help maintain healthy skin and a glossy coat.

Yet again for dogs experiencing acute stiffness of the joints or are perhaps getting over an injury our No Ake! dry herb or tincture is a sensible addition.

All dogs are different and our Nutritionist Nicky is always on hand to advise owners on the best way to keep their dogs in optimum condition.”


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