CSJ’s Gravy Works! all year


As thoughts turn to Xmas (and dinner in particular!) CSJ has it covered with gravy for dogs.

Many owners like to make their pet’s day exceptional with something special in their bowl and CSJ’s delicious Gravy Works! does exactly that … in a healthy way!

Tasty, but no salt and won’t pack on the pounds were the first instructions CSJ gave to their nutritionists when tasking them to develop a natural dog gravy for fussy feeders or owners who find the prospect of feeding a dry complete food ‘boring’ and prefer to feel that they have gone that extra bit further in optimising their pet’s dinner time experience.

With its combination of powdered fruit (including tomato), herbs (including mint) and meat Gravy Works! is simply mixed with warm water to make a thick gravy which makes even the fussiest dogs eager to eat.

Gravy Works! is produced in the UK and now comes in a foil pack of approximately 40 servings and since its launch in 2009 has gained a dedicated following of owners who had previously been at their wits end with a fussy feeder … or those dedicated to making mealtimes extra special for their pets.

Like dogs themselves Gravy Works! isn’t just for Xmas … one customer even told CSJ that during very hot summer months she started mixing up the gravy and then freezing it in little blocs resulting in a brilliant cooling and tasty ice lolly!

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