Even better Lamb from CSJ!


CSJ have ‘tweaked’ their Original range Lamb recipes for even better health and fitness … whilst ensuring they are still extremely tasty, hypoallergenic and ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies.

The Lamb & Rice recipe now has increased vitamins and minerals levels and improved levels of fat to enhance stamina and support good body condition and Glucosamine and herbs have also been added to help support the joints.

CSJ say, “We only make changes for good reasons, whilst all the tastiness that dogs love remains the same.”

The Lamb Senior recipe remains largely unchanged but has increased vitamins and minerals with added herbs to support liver function and support the dog’s general health. The increased level of quality protein helps to support muscle mass and immune function so is ideal for overweight dogs or those that maintain weight easily.

CSJ’s owner and founder Ceri Rundle commented, “Over the years we’ve prided ourselves on making sure customers can rely on our products to produce consistently great results in terms of palatability, digestion, overall health, body condition – and performance.

As always we have done exhaustive trials and are certain our customers and their dogs will be happy as we are with the new, improved recipes. Any questions? Please ask us at: nutrition@csjk9.com



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