British Flyball Association (BFA)

What is Flyball?

Flyball (International Flyball Racing) is a team "knockout" relay race with 4 dogs and their handlers. A team is permitted to have 6 dogs and handlers (so they have reserve dogs.)

The object of the race is for each dog to jump over 4 hurdles, trigger the Flyball box to get the ball and return over the hurdles to the finish line. When the first dog returns, the next dog is released and so on until all four dogs have raced. The race is won by the first team to get 4 dogs and 4 balls back without faults. A dog that makes a fault has to rerun.

The sport was first started in the USA and the NAFA (North American Flyball Association) was formed in the 80s. Flyball came to Britain in the early 90's where a group of enthusiasts founded the British Flyball Association (BFA).

Flyball can be played by any breed of dog. Whether the dogs run fast or slow, the main objective is to have fun with your dog(s).

Dogs receive points and can go on to such titles as Flyball Dog (FD) Flyball Dog Intermediate (FDI), Flyball Dog Graduate (FDG) Flyball Dog Advanced (FDA) and there are trophies for dogs for Silver and Gold awards and more.

The young and up and coming Flyball dogs run in Starter competitions between the ages of 1 year and 18 months. At 18 months, if they qualify, they can run with the "big boys and girls" in the divisional teams in Open Sanctioned Tournaments.

Flyball is a sport that is becoming more and more popular as dog owners are finding it is a great way to have fun with their dogs and the Flyball fraternity are friendly people and are always ready to help the newcomers to the sport.

Anyone can do Flyball. Young, old, fat, thin. Big dogs, little dogs, old dogs, young dogs. Whether you've got a spoiled pampered Yorkie or a razzamatazz mongrel, they will all love the fun of Flyball. And it isn't an expensive hobby (cheaper than golf!) There is so much fun to be had sharing a hobby with your dog(s). Why not come and join us in the Flyball world.

If you would like to know more about Flyball in the UK, visit the BFA website www.flyball.org.uk where you will find links to other Flyball sites and teams.

Valerie & the gang