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Hello, I'm Sammie!


The picture at the very top of the column at the left is what I understand is my 'Main Image' Apparently, that means it's the picture which appears on the main Wet Nose Society pages when I'm made a 'friend' or when someone searches the site for Miniature Schnauzer, or Sammie or Pet dog.


The pictures below that image are of me and my family. You can add up to 14 more pictures here and you can click on any of the pictures in the left hand columm to see a larger image. This space that I'm writing in now (free text area 1) is where I can tell you all about myself and and my family, both animal and human.


My sister, Cassie, and I live with the women who run both Dog Friendly Britain and this website, The Wet Nose Society.


Ann is the one in the blue jumper and she's holding me in her right hand. The other two, less attractive puppies, are my sisters. We were only four weeks old when this picture was taken. We were all hoping to be going home with them but the other's just didn't stand a chance once I'd shown how loveable I am. The picture below features me getting a one-to-one cuddle with Jenny.   I told you the others didn't stand a chance!


When I was a puppy Jenn and Ann thought it rathe amusing to call me 'blob' - the reason apparently being that that was what I looked like. Whichever way round you looked at me when I was curled up asleep you couldn't tell which end was my head and which was my tail.


The next few pictures are of me and Cas out and about on our Motorhome travels. We love visiting different places because there's loads of new smells for us to sniff out and always some great places to run around. We love the beach, especially when it's not very busy and we have miles and miles of beach all to to ourselves. And we like it even more when we get to have a chip, or two, when we go to the beach.


The picture at the very bottom of my album shows just how very silly owners can be. They'd just bought a bale of towels and, as I was sitting on the bed helping, they thought I would look good with a bow on my head using the ribbon which had been tied around the towels. Personally I think I look a bit of a twit but then I'm just a dog. However, I am the most laid back of laid back dogs and, so long as they remember to feed me, I'm quite willing to put up with all of their messing about!


The pictures at the very bottom of the page - under all this text - are, as you have probably noticed, all of my 'Wet Nose Society' friends. So don't forget to take a look around the site and make friends to add to your webpage.



This is now free text area 2 and, as well as the text you can see more pictures have been added,. Pictures can be added to either of the two free text areas. You can even get your owner to add a flash video of you, and your mates, in the free text areas using the Insert/Edit Image button. (See the user guide for details)


The picture here is of me and Cassie 

on the beach although, as you can see, it really wasn't a day for paddling. We got a bit windswept and our whiskers were blown all over the place, but we do look rather fetching in our coats don't you think?



As you can see, we've got our coats on again here! This time we're walking by the side of a very quiet road near to where we live. It was our first snowy winter walk since we moved there and it was great. Just look at our legs they were absolutely covered in little snow balls and when we got home we had to sit in front of the fan heater and get loads of fuss and attention until we thawed out. It was great!




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Checkout my sister Cassie's page



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Things I love: Eating my breakfast. Eating my dinner. Loads and loads of cuddles!

Things I hate: Getting wet - I like paddling but I don't like being rained on! Not being fed.

My favourite walks: Any beach, 'cause we usually get a couple of chips each, after the walk!

Other pets who share my home: My big sister Cassie.

My favourite saying: Dinner time!

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Past friend
Birthday: 01/01/1900
Owner: Dog Friendly Britain
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