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The Real Me 17/01/05 - 28/02/16


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Hello I am Suzie Pebbles 'Saskia Shimmer' Lyon.

I was born on the 17th of January in 2005. I was one of three Miniature Schnauzer puppies at the pet store where my family first saw me. I was at the back with my brother and my little sister was up in the front. I was picked by the Lyons and they brought me home. They weren't expecting to get a puppy that day but they fell so much in love with my adorable little face they couldn't just leave me! So because of this, my first night I had food and water in some old human bowls, slept on an old cushion and had an old stuffed elephant and a bath toy in the shape of a fish as my toys. For the first few months, my family took me on lots of fun walks, and puppy classes too! I remember there was another Miniature Schnauzer there who had a really short haircut! I also remember a really fun walk on a beach somewhere where I had a really good run and Jessie had to chase after me after she dropped the leash!




We went to the Beacon Fell today and Jessie took pictures of me


It was a tad windy
















 Unfortunately Suzie passed away on February 28th 2016 at 9:15pm. She was at home with the family and was at peace in the end, Her best buddy Charlie passed just short of 2 months later on April 27th 2016 at 3:20pm. Together forever, reunited at last.







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Things I love: sleeping, daddy, cuddles, charlie, sallie, the rest of my family

Things I hate: the sea, being dropped, rivers, being clipped, the vet, ponds, cats

My favourite walks: To the beach, to the tawd, to the beacon, to ruff ruff wood

Other pets who share my home: Charlie the Miniature Schnauzer Sallie the dalmatian

My favourite saying: 'woof'

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Past friend
Sex: Female
Birthday: 17/01/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Jessie.Lyon
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