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I am the happiest Staffie you will ever meet, I just love life.  I have been a very lucky Staffie as my mum & dad have loved & cared for me from day 1. Even when they first took me from my dads house I knew they were kind(shh" softie's really). I was a very cute looking puppy & every one wanted to cuddle me so I made lots of new friends very quickly. I was a truly loved only pet & slept in between mum & dad. Then when I was 18months old Mum & dad were getting all my puppy thiungs back out & the traing crate & they were chatting excitedly. Then they went out with MY BLANKET!!  when they came back & put the blanket down the cutest little brown dog popped out, Mum said Harry meet your sister Amy. then the little blighter promptly bit my nose.  Boy did things change, we had sleepless nights dirty floors & I had to keep my ears & tail out of Amy's way, she was a terror, yet very sweet with my mum & dad. Amy did in time become grown up & nice to me, now we are inseparable.


I am 11yr old now getting a bit slow, still like to play tug & fun fight. But mainly like to sit in the garden sunning my self, or going to the Caravan & enjoying slow lovely walks in the countryside. When it's lovely weather we get to sit in the beer Garden & people always want to come meet us & give us treats. A few of my old walking friends have gone now mum says gone to rainbow bridge but plenty young pups to meet & learn them how to really rub in fox poo & eat dead mice! Lol  I am still puppy sitting as mum & dad brought young Minnie in, & boy do we know we got her!!!!


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Things I love: Every thing & every one

Things I hate: Baths & Vets

My favourite walks: All walks

Other pets who share my home: Amy & Minnie

My favourite saying: Dinner walks Caravan

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 24/11/1997
Owner: Harry-O
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