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A Schnauzer tail!


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This is a picture of me on my first day in my new home. 


I was rather worried at first as I just couldn't understand what was happening to me. First one place, and then another, but once we'd got to my new home I began to feel fairly sure that I was going to be well looked after and soon started to feel safe. 


Now I pretty well run the joint - well I'm in charge of my little sister, Sammie, anyway!


Both my ears are down in this picture. When I was around 14 weeks old one ear popped up - then it went down again. A few days later my other ear popped up and then, all of a sudden, they were both stuck-up and have been ever since. My owners say it's because I'm so nosy and don't want to miss hearing anything - cheek! If you look at the pictures in the side column you can see pictures of me with my left ear up and then one with my right ear up.


I like to think I'm rather special because of my ears but then I looked around The Wet Nose Society and found there's at least one other just like me.


The picture below is of me and Sam sitting on a wall in Padstow. We were on our way to the beach so we could have a long walk and work up a good appetite ready for Rick Stein's. We usually get at least one chip each and, if we're very good, sometimes two or three. 

















I was an only dog for almost a year. I had heard my owners chatting about getting another puppy but, imagine my surprise, when one day I walked up to my old crate and found this little black furry thing sitting in the middle of it!


I do rather like having her around but please don't tell her I said so as she'll only start getting big headed.


My 'official' kennel name is Bossy Boots although I really can't begin to think why!






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Things I love: Paddling in muddy puddles. Being cuddled.

Things I hate: Having a bath, being groomed and having to have my lead on!

My favourite walks: Anywhere so long as I can run free. I do rather like the beach though! My favourite 'everyday walk' near to where we live means I can run free through the long grass and there's also often loads of lovely (sometimes, very muddy) puddles for me to run through.

Other pets who share my home: My sister Sammie.

My favourite saying: Go on, chase me!!

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Past friend
Birthday: 01/01/1900
Owner: Dog Friendly Britain
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