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Apricot Miniature Poodle


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How we met


I didn't know Toby too long but felt I couldn't leave the little fellow out.


We had lost Sam and we wanted a dog in our lives again. It was probably too early, as I'm afraid we did compare him a lot. We saw an advert in the paper and enquired about the apricot miniature poodles for sale. Dad drove us to a house in Doncaster and waited in the car while me and mum went in.


Toby was first to come to us and pushed the rest of the litter out of the way. Mum chose him really. I would have probably gone for the quiet one like I did Sam. He was a gorgeous little thing. I remember us calling at a pub on the way home and everyone making such a fuss of him.


So much energy


Toby was into everything from day one. He was so full of life and tried to get the most out of it. Unfortunately he was a handful for mum who had him through the day. If you left a drink on a mat on the floor, it wouldn't be there when you got back. He hated being left downstairs when we were in bed.


I remember taking him in the car on my own once on a very short trip (luckily) and he tried to wrap himself round my neck digging in his claws. He didn't mean to be naughty, just had so much energy that we didn't channel properly I suppose.


Unfortunately he tripped mum up on a walk, breaking her arm and grazing her face. Then shortly afterwards he tripped her in the house and broke her hip.




This had disastrous consequences and unfortunately we had to rehome him. We really didn't want to do it but mum couldn't afford to have another fall. Luckily my sister knew someone who was looking for a dog with his lively nature. She had children and I think that's what he needed. Someone who could run him ragged, he even joined in a kids parties. So he went to a good home. We used to get bits of feedback about him sometimes through my sister but eventually they lost touch.


Meet the family


If Toby was still with me today, would he get on with George and Max?

Toby would probably just be glad of someone to play with and get rid of all that energy.

Max would probably think 'no way' I've enough with George.

George would probably try to lick him into shape.


Toby's Friends

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Things I love: Getting into mischief. Playing. Beer. Kids.

Things I hate: Being on my own. Rain. Water.

My favourite walks: If I have to.

Other pets who share my home: None

My favourite saying: Lets have fun.

Breed: Poodle Portuguese Water Dog
Type: Past friend
Sex: Male
Owner: schnauzer
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