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'Black Brown and Beige' the Black Miniature Poodle


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How we met


Sam was my first dog and I still miss him. I  had always wanted a dog but mum was alergic to animals. When my sister had come home from a holiday in Wales, she said she was going to go back in a couple of weeks for a poodle. The people at the caravan site where she lived bred them. After alot of persuading mum and the fact that poodles don't molt, she eventually gave in and let me go with my sister and her family to pick a dog.


My sister had already chosen one, he was named Benji. There were two others in a pen outside but only one of them would come to me. I cuddled him and we chatted with the breeder about the breed. He told us about plucking the hair in their ears and other things about poodles. When we were finished, I put that pup down and went to pick up the other. They were surprised, they thought I'd made up my mind. No I was determined to have this 'determined' pup. He may not have wanted to come with me that day but he rarely left my side after that.


Returning home


It was as if Sam had been housetrained. He hadn't of course but ran to the back door to be let out to the garden. He was so sweet. I had never imagined my choice of dog as a poodle but I still have a soft spot to this day.


Mum did the majority of the training because she was at home all day and I was at school. I couldn't wait to get home every lunchtime and evening to see him. We would walk for miles when I wasn't at school. I remember once going on a sponsored walk during class. We were allowed to take our dogs and it poured down. When we had finished, we walked home and mum had forgoten something from the shops. I offered to fetch it but before I even got to the door, Sam was there ready to go again. 


Canine friends


His best friend was Bosco, a staffie cross who belonged to a friend of mine. I remember once another dog attacking Bosco and Sam was straight there to back him up. I'd only ever seen him like that twice with a dog. The other time unfortunately was a police GSD. Luckily the policeman lived near and was understanding because his was off the lead and had come too near. He was very protective of me.


His girlfriend was Tina, a terrier cross who lived next door. He adored that dog. Sometimes she would escape into our garden and come to pinch Sams food out of his dish. He would just stand there crying at her like a love sick puppy.




Every Easter Sunday Mum would roast a duck for dinner. One year the weather was quite hot and we all went out into the garden. Sam stayed indoors in the cool. When we returned indoors, we realised why. He had managed to clime onto the work surface and up onto the cooker top where mum had put the duck out of 'paws' way. He was sat licking his lips with just the remains of the carcase.


We were once sat in the lounge, when Sam (who wasn't allowed up)  jumped onto the sofa and sat down like a human. Bum planted on the cushion, legs stretched out and turned round to look at us all laughing... 'WHAT?'

George sometimes sits like that and it takes me back.


Another time he was laid in his basket on his back with his legs in the air. All of a sudden, a little fountain sprung up. He lept in the air and ran to the back door in embarassment.


Whenever I was down, Sam would come to my side, nuzzle into me and give me a kiss. Everything seemed right when he did.


Being parted


When I eventually went to college and had to move away, Sam was distraught. He wouldn't eat and moped around all day. When I came home on Friday evening, he pounced on me and we cuddled for ages. Then he went to his dish and stuffed his little face. He followed me around all weekend. He wasn't allowed in the bedroom as a rule but he would sneek up and snuggle up to me. Once he realised I was coming back at the weekend he started to eat again.


After about three months I decided to travel home every day with a friend who had a car. It was too much be parted from each other. Sam would wait at the gate and when he saw me, he would leap over it and race up the street.


The loss of a friend


Unfortunately I lost Sam when he was 13 years old. He was still as active as when he was a pup. He was hit by a car while off his lead, he wasn't with me at the time. I was devastated when I arrived home from work. I knew something was wrong when that little bundle of wool didn't race up to me. His collar was on the side and when mum told me what had happened, I ran to my bedroom and cried. I think I stayed there most of the weekend.



I like to think that if Sam was with us today, he'd be great pals with George and Max. George often reminds me of him and I sometimes call him by his name. 


My friend Sam

You were my companion and my friend, my little wooly lamb

All my problems seemed to mend, with the poodle we named Sam

Your coat was curly and was black, with a browny suptle shade

So for the addition to our pack, we called you Black Brown and Beige


You were the first dog I had chose, I picked you on my own

You cuddled up with that button nose, and that little puppy yawn

At first you didn't want to come, but you were in my head

Your brother wanted me to be mum, but I wanted you instead


You'd guard the house and make us safe, and never did we fear

With you we held all our faith, that nobody dare come near

You'd walk with me for miles and miles, then fall asleep and snore

But if you heard me on the tiles, you'd fetch your lead for more


I broke your heart when I went away, to college so I could study

And you broke mine so I couldn't stay, I couldn't leave my buddy

You would creep upstairs inside my bed, although you weren't aloud

Your wet nose lay on my head, and I felt so safe and sound


The day I came home and you weren't there, I knew something was wrong

I asked with dread, I hardly dare, as behind me you were never long

When I was told that you had died, hit by a car while off your lead

All that weekend I sat and cried, for a friend you were indeed


I'll never forget the pal I lost, I tell my dogs about you

A companion you were at any cost, no dog compared to you

I wish that they had met my friend, I know you'd get on great

But their love has help to mend, the loss of such a good mate


Sams Mum - Schnauzer 11/03/09



Sam's Friends

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Things I love: Walkies. Playing. Cuddles. Opening pressies from under the tree. Burying my chews in my basket.

Things I hate: Water. Baths. Visiting the dog groomer.

My favourite walks: We used to walk for miles, come home then go out for more walks.

Other pets who share my home: None

My favourite saying: Walkies. Din dins. Fetch your lead.

Breed: Poodle Portuguese Water Dog
Type: Past friend
Sex: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: schnauzer
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