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Ash's doggy log

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Hi  everyone , my mum is writing this for me  as i live at Rainbow Bridge now , with Benny , William , Honey , Mitzi  and Buster the cat and Skipper the rabbit who were all my best friends  and last year Misty the pony came to live with us all and Lady our other  pony friend too , and sadly my other best Friend Toby had to come and live with us all at the bridge in april ( i'll tell you about them all another day ) here are some pictures of me as a six week old puppy , then all grown up , and my human girls with Benny and Honey  (  Honey used to live with mum and dad , but nan and grandad asked if she could go and live with them as they loved her a lot  , and we saw them nearly every day anyway ) and the other pictures are of William when he first came to live with us , and Toby as a tiny seven week old puppy  i came to live with mum and dad when i was just six weeks old , i only lived round the corner with my doggy mum and dad , and my three brothers and sister and a couple of aunties too , mum chose me and i was what  they called the pick of the litter  ( cos mum knew my foster mum and always wanted a puppy from my handsome daddy )  they had nicknamed me bear as i was a very big boy , but mum wanted to call me the same name as my dad , so i became Ash junior , and my doggy family often came to visit me and daddy Ash came round the next day to see me , and said i looked really happy with my new family and had settled in straight away    have just added the  picture of me and my daddy the day after i came to live with mum and dad , wasn't he handsome too  can you see what a big boy i was at only six weeks old  ( thats why i had to leave my doggy mum , because she was fed up with us all , as we were all so big  )  but she still loved us when we had visits ,  the bottom picture is of my best friends in the whole wide world , William and Toby having a play fight .


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Things I love: Everything and everybody

Things I hate: Nothing except when anyone else tried to take the lead off mum and walk me , i used to wrap the lead and my body round her legs to try and stop them though ( it always worked as i refused to walk with anyone if my mum was there too )

My favourite walks: Anywhere as long as my mum took me and William and sometimes Benny ( before he got really old )

Other pets who share my home: I lived with Benny an old collie cross ( he was 14 when i came to live with him ) and at the end of my first year with mum and dad , William another Golden Retriever like me came to live with us too , then later on Toby came to live with us both .

My favourite saying: Is it time to play again , and oops these socks/knickers , carving knife or cup handle etc , just accidently fell into my mouth ( i was a very cheeky boy ) but held them all very gently !

Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Type: Past friend
Sex: Male
Birthday: 29/01/1989
Owner: carolsdogs
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