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Charlie's Jotter

Secret Notes


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Hi its me charlie I'm 3 and a bit years old and my roomies are sallie and suzie i love to play with my favourite purple squeaky ball (without the squeak) and i love to settle sown of a night on my mother's lap and watch TV. life is good!


it wasn't always like that, i once lived in a pet shop with my brothers and sisters. one by one they were taken by kind faces and i was fed on dry puppy food that tasted like off biscuits every time someone decent came in to look at me and my siblings, i put on my cute little puppy-dog face and wagged my stumpy tail, i don't have a proper tail i reccon the person who docked me was a bit dodgey on their aim as mine is as short as... something very short. finally i was the only one left from my litter. the owners of the shop were desperate to sell me as it would be bad if i was left so they put up a sign looking a little like this

Male with docked tail reduced to £##### (i am unable to tell you the price)

no papers due to being last of litter


and so begins my reduced life    


A while later a new litter of puppies came in they were younger than me and had real tails!!! i felt the odd one out as i observed from my spot in the corner the wagging tails of the new litter. one of the puppies took a real shine to me.  she would wag over to me and ask if i wanted to play. i would sadly decline making up an excuse so she didn't feel bad.


One day though a friendly pair of families walked by and, like i used to, the youngsters piled against the pen yapping and wagging pleefully. i slunk away to my spot in the corner and realised that A. i would get squished in the kerfuffle B. the family might see me better back here and C. i don't really have a chance of getting a home as im the last of my litter. i sat woeful at the back inspecting the face of the girls looking at us over the pen.   the man said that they would be choosing a girl  and that they should think carefully about the breed of dog they would pick. well there goes my chance. i ain't no girl. 

wait! the other family they're looking at me!!! They might just choose me there is a girl a man and a boy wait where is the boy going! now the boy is back and the girl is going! now there is a woman. i like her oh please please pick me!!!!!!!! the girl still wont come back  and the woman has a faint smell of... could it be... yes she smells of a female schnauzer puppy older than i  but maybe they want another puppy!!! hang on they will probrably want another girl. the boy is asking one of the staff something!!! he wants to hold me!!! i cant be naughty now must be good!! im so excited i might pee myself!!!! i put on a big goofy doggy smile like this Yes VIC-TO-REEEEEEEE he wants me he really does now the lady wants to hold me wheeeeeeeee  she puts me back now she talks to the man yes yes yes they really want me YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


i was right there was a girl schnauzer with the other girl the other member of the family! now for my name the family thought all the way home and came up 

with Benji or Charlie. as you know my name is now charlie and they sang my name over and over occasionally adding morris to it so it said charlie morris and it stuck so now i am charlie morris lyon


About a year after I came home, my family came home in a fuss from our big walk at Bolton Abbey.  We had stopped at a house on the way home and they came back smelling of puppies... Dalmatians to be exact! The next day, mummy phoned someone and said yes.  Then a few more weeks later... a small spotty bundle of fur came home in daddy's arms. She may have been small, but when I gave the new arrival the sniff-over... she let out a sharp bark and snapped at me!  Surely I was not full of attitude when I first came like that pup?!  Anyways "Sallie" settled in just fine after that. And boy did she grow fast!


My final big event was when I went to the vets for an operation.  One minute I was running around, crazy and free! And the next, I was in the nasty waiting room. I barked goodbye to my mummy and was taken to a big hospital. Then the nasty vet pricked me with a needle and I got very sleepy. I woke up later in a cage and I was very sore, in one place in particular. When I looked to see what was going on, there was some of me missing!!!  I was a lot calmer after that day... But I'm much happier!


In 2008, I was watching a program called Crufts! There were lots and lots and lots and lots of dogs! All different kinds and shapes. I've never seen so many dogs in one place!  There were hundreds of schnauzers and dalmatians! Hundreds and thousands! There was a big competition where all the best dogs ran around in a circle and everyone clapped.  Then someone looking very smart would go over and give the dog a good pat and look over. Then the smart person picked their best one and they got a prize... only a ribbon, but I bet their owners gave them lots of treats!  On the last day, the best of the best were entered into a part called "Best in Show!" here was an american cocker spaniel called SAN JO'S BORN TO PARTY, a beagle called DIALYNNE MAXIMUS, a samoyed called VANDREEM IMPERIAL HERMIONI BY BEREZNIKI JW SHCM, (at least... that's what it said...), a soft coated wheaten terrier called CARAWAY CELEBRATE LIFE, a chihuahua called GIBELTARIK HAPPY GO LUCKY, a shiba inu called JANERYLS IN THE LINE OF FIRE, and finally... A GIANT SCHNAUZER CALLED JAFRAK PHILLIPE OLIVIER!!!!!!!! UNCLE PHILLIPE! (that's what we called him!) and Uncle Phillipe won! We were very happy!


And now... I'm 5 years old and I'll be 6 in June! Suzie is already 6! We will start going grey soon! Oh wait... we already are...





Charlie lost his best buddy on February 28th 2016 at 9:15pm. Unfortunately he missed Suzie so much he couldn't live without her. Charlie passed away on April 27th 2016 at 3:20pm. Together forever, reunited at last.



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Things I love: Being Cuddled, Being on Guard and protecting my two best friends Sallie and suzie, playing with my ball

Things I hate: The Vet, other dogs that might hurt my Mum or my girls,

My favourite walks: The Field, The Beacon, Ruff Wood etc...

Other pets who share my home: 2 other dogs

My favourite saying: ROO ROO ROOO! me howling

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Past friend
Sex: Male
Birthday: 14/06/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Jessie.Lyon
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