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Ti's Tipple

Border Collies Rock the world babe!


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Licks and kisses to all the girlies, woofs and barks to all the boys thank you for visiting my page. 


and so the story begins.....


I was the big guy in a pack of six I've got three sisters and two brothers, one of my brothers is called Fly and I went on holiday with him to Cornwall the other week.  Anyway, I was minding my own business beating up one of my sisters when these two giants arrived and started talking to my grandma.  They seemed really nice so I went up to see them and that's when they chose me to go home with them. I was 9 weeks old when they came to collect me and my brother Fly and we went in a big car and I sat on my mummys lap all the way home.  Fly left me after a couple of days I thought it was because he had eaten some of the stair carpet but he told me when I was in Cornwall that it was because his daddy lives in the Isle of Wight.


Mummy said she had wanted me for years especially after my Uncle Fly1 went to Rainbow Bridge but she worked long hours and didn't think it was fair.  Now she can come home when she wants so I have a nice lady called Christine walk me in the morning, mummy comes home at lunchtime and then I go out again when she gets home from work.  At the weekends we spend lots of time together and go on longer walks and have lots of play time.


Mummy says I'm a b****r on the lead whatever that means, and I jump up at people and try to get them dirty so I have to go to two obediance classes.  I can do it properly really but I get too excited. 


I'm tired now so I'm going to go to bed I hope to see you again soon.


Big kisses, Ti


P.S. Mummy says I'm not going to have my rollies chopped off so I can have lots of girlfriends if I want to.  I've got to be careful though and use thing called a dogdom, not sure what one is but it sounds like fun. 


In case you didn't guess this is my bruv Fly I'm leaning on..I don't know about you but I always need a pillow or something to put my chin on otherwise I can't sleep properly and I get nightmares about giant sheep chasing me.


I'm trying to get my mum to update this page  - now I'm one I don't want everyone to see my baby's embaressing


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Things I love: I love my mummys bed because it's big and comfy and I'm really high off the ground so I can play pack leader. I love crinkly bags and running round the garden with them on my head. I love running through leaves and chasing the water in the river getting really muddy and then jumping into mummys car before she has time to wipe my feet and clean my belly...hah, hah

Things I hate: I don't like our neighbour he is nasty and looks like a big wolf, he smells funny and keeps throwing mouldy food into my garden hoping I'll eat it and be sick - I shout at him really loudly.

My favourite walks: Dovedale in Derbyshire is on eof my favourite places there are lots of sheeps, a big river and lots of steep hills that smell of rabbits poo....I try to eat it coz it smells good but I get told off. I love walking through the woods in Allestree Park and making the leaves rustle and hiding behind the trees.

Other pets who share my home: Mummy says Daddy is an animal but i'm not sure what type he is I don't think he's a pet though because he uses the big toilet.

My favourite saying: Woof, woooof, pant, woof woof woof, woof

Breed: Border Collie
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 05/06/2008
Owner: FlyTi
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