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We adopted Alfie on 27th October 2008. He has settled into our home and our life and we can't remember what it was like before we had him... except we could watch TV without him barking at the sight or sound of animals!! Sunday nights and 'Wild at Heart' are an event to behold with kids taking it in turns to stand in front of the dog to obscure his view


Alfie is not too keen on other doggy friends being in his face especially when he is on the lead, unfortunately Toby the puppy JR next door is a bit of a wind-up merchant and keeps coming back for more even though Alf tells him quite firmly to 'go away'


He's not played much, he lived with a few other dogs before and does not seem to have had much human play experience but we are getting there gradually. He is the tidiest member of the house and is so attached to his soft toys that if you take them from his bed to try and encourage play he whines a little and puts them straight back in his bed... If only the human teenagers would follw his lead at putting things back where they belong


Things I love: Sleeping, Cheese

Things I hate: The Churchill Dog on the TV adverts

My favourite saying: Whats it all about....Alfie!!

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Type: Pet Dog
Birthday: 05/01/2006
Owner: Mopsy
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