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Hello my name is Isaac. I am four years old and I am a Giant Schnauzer.


I came to live with my Mum and Dad when I was four months old, that seems a long time ago now, I remember I was very quiet and shy and didnt bark or cry - It was dark and snowing when we got to my new home.  In the early days I was very scared of the traffic and the car headlights and I used to stay very close to my Mum.  She took me out all the time and fed me and groomed me and I soon grew to love her very much.


Mum and I go everywhere together, she doesnt like to leave me for too long, when we go out for our walks I keep looking back to check on Mum (just in case she wanders off)!  I had to look after Mum last week, it was very icy and Mum fell down, she hurt her back and head and sprained her wrist, she couldnt get up so I had to run back to her and help her up, she had to hold on to me to get up and I stood very still and helped her walk home very slowly, Mum and I have allsorts of little adventures and I will look forward to sharing some of them with you..


Relaxing after a lovely walk


On the 1st November last year Dad was getting the caravan ready.  It was an anniversary weekend for Mom and Dad and we were all going to the seaside.  It was a beautiful day and Mom said she was just going to 'run me round the woods' - so that I would be more comfy for the journey!  We were just about to leave the woods when I sniffed something very interesting at the foot of a tree.  Then I felt something bite me - Mom was horrified to see me writhing about on the floor.  She could see that I had got something stuck in my eyebrows, but when she got close to me she could see that I was covered in WASPS - I had uncovered a wasps nest and they were swarming all over me.  They were stuck in my eyebrows, crawling out of my beard and were all stuck in my back.  I was panicking as the pain was awful and Mom was shouting at me to stand up, she had to drag me away, but the wasps followed us, Mom had to pick them off me, but it was very difficult as my coat is so coarse.  Mom hates wasps but loves me more, she also got stung badly, and the pain was terrible, but I trusted Mom and stood still for her to get them off me.  She had to lead me all the way home as my eyes were so swollen I couldnt see a thing, Mom was worried that they had stung me in my mouth and that my tongue would swell up.  She phoned Alan our vet, we have his mobile number for such emergencies.  He told Mom to bring me straight up to the surgery, Mom had already applied vinegar and given me an antihistmine tablet.  Alan checked my eyes and my mouth and gave me an injection, he said by the time we got to the seaside I would be ok, He said Mom had done the right thing as the rule is vinegar for wasps and bi-carb for bees - Phew, we ended up having a lovely long weekend, but Moms hands were very sore for days, and she had to have a few glasses of red wine that night - she said it was medicinal!


Weve had some fabulous walks lately, Mom decided we would start going in our favourite wood again, its just up the road from our house - Mom calles it 100 acre wood, but weve never seen winnie the pooh or tigger!  Archie has been coming with us all week with his mom Ellie.  Me and Arch have been running round trying to chase squirrells but we never can catch them.  We see so many dogs in our wood and when we get to the top by the side of the field where the cows are, Mom and all the other moms sit on the benches and chat.  They like it at the moment because there has been some baby calfs born and they like to watch them having their dinner!  We are not bothered and we amuse ourselves for a while, there is just so many interesting smells, my beard is covered in leaves by the time we have to set off home.


May Bank Holiday -  Well were at the seaside all week - were in Scarborough.  I Love it!  Ive been running and running all over the beach and galloping in the sea.  I have made lots of friends, but today Mum was a bit cross with me because I ran off to play with a white alsation - Mum was a bit scared in case it wasnt friendly towards me, but it was and we had a great time playing 'chase'.


Mum shouted me back and I came running to her, I took the shortest route, and  galloped through all the rock pools, but one was very deep and I sank up to my chin - it was the first time I had had to swim, but I was ok.


My best friend at this seaside is Lilly another Giant - we meet her everytime we come now and we have a great time playing together.


The Last day of our holiday was very sunny and hot so mum and dad decided to spend the day on the beach.    When we got there the tide was right in, so they decided to have a coffee.  It was so hot mum made me and Chloe sit under the table in the shade.  Dad went for the coffee and the scones - yummy, but forgot the serviettes, so he got up and went to fetch some.  The dogs on the other table started to bark so I stood up to see what was happening.  Mum was telling me to sit down, as I was too big for the table and was wearing it on my back, all the coffees were spilling and mum was trying to stop the cups from smashing on the floor.  The lady on the next table came to help and the man collecting pots also tried to help.  I didnt know what all the fuss was about, after all I had only stood up!

Dad wasnt very happy when he came back, as all the people in the cafe were looking at us and laughing - he lifted the table off my back and tried to move it, but the leg dropped off, mum started to laugh but Dad was furious!  Mum said he was a bit grumpy for a while after that, and she said if anyone had got a video camera we could have been on 'youve been framed. Mum decided to take me onto the beach, and into the sea to play, and to let Dad cool off, he stayed on the wall with Chloe while me and mum played in the sea - we had a great time throwing and fetching sticks of seaweed.  Mum decided to take some photos as she had not taken any all week,  - there are some on my page now.


We didnt get many good photos as Mum ended up dropping her camera in the water and now it wont work - that made Dad a bit more grumpy.


4th  July - were at the seaside again all week.  This time our caravan is right on the cliff top.  Every morning Mum and Dad took me on the beach - I had a great time running in the sea - there were lots of dogs to play with and I really enjoyed myself.  In the afternoon there was no beach left - so we had to walk on the prom instead, - boring, but Mum and Dad seemed to enjoy it.  I had  my own ice cream much to the amusement of passers bye - my beard got very messy but mum got the towel out and cleaned me up.  Mum bought a new camera and took my picture - she said 'sausages' to me which made me pose for the photo - the people watching started laughing - mum explained that saying 'cheese' didnt work! ha ha - Mum felt a bit guilty when I started to look for the sausage, so when they got their fish and chips Dad bought me and Chloe a sausage.


 19 July 2009 - Today Mum, Dad and me all went to a Schnauzer fun day. There were so many dogs and all three sizes of Schnauzers were there.  It was great, I got over excited, I just didnt know what to do with myself, there was just sooo much to sniff at!  Mum talks to other dog owners on the computer and we got so excited because they were going to be there and we could finally meet.  We met Max and George and Sparkle.  George looked like me, but I thought he couldnt possibly eat all his dinner because he  hasnt grown as big as me - I liked him though, I liked Max as well, cos he is nice and he's quiet like me - but I absolutely LOVED sparkle, I tried to show Sparkle just how much I loved her, but Mum kept telling me off - I just wanted to marry Sparkle! - but I think George wanted her for himself cos he kept telling me off!


Our Mums and Dads chatted all afternoon, Mum took the picture of us all with our Dad's - I did try to stand still, but I just wanted to stand next to Sparkle, before George got in there! Mum says we can all meet up again one day - oh I cant wait!





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Things I love: I love going for walks in the woods. I love running on the beach and galloping in the sea right up to my chest. I adore my cuddly toys, (I never chew them) I even take them to bed at night. I love playing with friendly dogs and I love my mummy and daddy.

Things I hate: I dont like having a bath. I dont like going out in the rain even though I have got some lovely coats. I dont like people knocking on my door or walking past my house -( i'm very protective of my mummy)

My favourite walks: My favourite walk is in the woods where I see all my friends and we run and run together we sometimes try to chase squirrells but we can never catch them.

Other pets who share my home: I live with my Mom and Dad and a yorkshire terrier called Chloe - she is very titchy and my Mom says I have got to be gentle with her, but I always am and she snuggles up to me, sometimes she gets in my bed and wont let me get in so I have to try to squash into her little bed - shes very bossy!

My favourite saying: I love the word 'walk' and I love the word 'sausage' but if Mom says 'are we going'? I jump up and down and Mom says its like having a baby elephant in the house

Breed: Giant Schnauzer
Type: Past friend
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/08/2004
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: mutti
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