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'Little Yorkshire Pudding'


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Hello, my name is Chloe and I am a Yorkshire Terrier.


I am only titchy and the world seems a very big place, but I am a big dog in a little body.


My Mum always wanted a Yorkie, she wanted a dog she could cuddle and baby!  The day after I was born, mum and Dad came to see me  and Mum thought I was a hamster I was so tiny, my eyes were shut but I could smell my new mummy.  My mum told the breeder that I was to be called 'Chloe' and the breeder said she would start to use my new name, by the time my Mum and Dad came to fetch me at 8 weeks old I was already coming to my name.


I settled in really well, I cried the first night because Mum left me in my own bed in the kitchen, she didnt realise then that I was different from other dogs and that I needed to sleep with her!!!


I am happiest when I'm getting lots of cuddles and lots of food. I am a very happy and contented little dog.


I have been everywhere with my Mum and Dad, I even get into the suitcase just in case they forget me.



I am very friendly.  I LOVE  children and I love to play with them - I think its because they are small like me. 


Weve just been to the seaside and had a fab time.  I love it when Mum and Dad get the caravan ready, I get very very excited and end up 'squeaking' with joy most of the way there!


Ive put a couple of photos on my page, one of me in my caravan, I Love it as its so cosy and warm, and I get to snuggle up to Mum at night,  Isaac gets jealous as he has to sleep in his own bed at the side of Mum and Dad's bed.


There is a picture of me on the beach, but Isaac is standing in front, Mum couldnt take any more of me as she dropped her camera in the water and its ruined.



Last week Mum was a bit late home from work.  She was only half an hour late, but Isaac was so pleased to see her, he started jumping around like a baby elephant.   I ran up to meet Mum but Isaac kept jumping around, Mum shouted him to get down and be calm, but he was so excited he started throwing his huge teddy around, its bigger than me!


He jumped up to catch the teddy but he didnt see me underneath him and he landed on me.   Mum didnt realise at first, but he really hurt me.  I couldnt put my back leg down and it really hurt.  Mum picked me up but my leg was broken very badly.   Isaac seemed to know that he had done something bad and his ears went down and he looked sad.


Mum rushed me up to our vets, by this time I had started to shake with the shock.   The vet said I would need an operation and Mum had to leave me there.   He had to make me sleep to do it and I didnt like leaving Mum.  When I woke up my mouth felt all funny and sore, the vet had taken 15 teeth out.  Mum had asked him to look at my teeth - I didnt know he was going to remove some of them!  My back leg felt very heavy and I couldnt move it - it was covered in something hard and Mum said it was a plaster to keep it straight.   The vet said that I had broken it so badly that he didnt think it would heal.   Because I am an old lady now and because I am so tiny he couldnt put a metal pin in my little leg, but he has put a pot on and Mum said she is keeping everything crossed in the hope that it will heal.  I dont know if I will be able to walk on it when the pot comes off, but I am trying to manage at the moment, Mum says I am a brave little pudding!



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Things I love: I love food - I would eat till I burst if I could. I love going to the beach and running around on the sand, but I never stray very far away from Mum. I love cuddling up to Mum and Dad and sitting on Mums knee. I love sleeping in Mums bed and cuddling up to her in the night.

Things I hate: I dont like walking on rough ground, it hurts my little paws and I dont like walking in long grass because I get hay fever and it makes me come out in a rash and makes my eyes run. I dont like getting twigs and leaves stuck in my coat but if I do I just lift my paw up for my mum to remove them, after all I am a lady!

My favourite walks: I LOVE the beach, the sand is soft for my delicate little feet and I can have a paddle in the safe rock pools if I want to.

Other pets who share my home: I live with a Giant Schnauzer called Isaac - he loves me and nuzzles my ears but his nose is so big he wets all my face! He is very gentle with me cos he knows I have got tiny little bones. But I have to put him in his place and show him who is boss if he gets a bit giddy.

My favourite saying: I love the words 'dinner' and 'sweetie' in fact any words associated with food

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Type: Past friend
Sex: Female
Birthday: 15/03/1998
Owner: mutti
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