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Navajo Utah - British Inuit Dog who loves having fun

Utah (British Inuit)

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Utah (British Inuit)
Utah (British Inuit)

My name is Utah. I am a British Inuit and I was born in West Wales at the Navajo kennels. I now live near Hereford with my family.


I love going for long walks, catching and eating rabbits & squirrels - plus I also enjoy snacking on raw Ox hearts.  Sometimes I get an ice cream which I also love.


I dont like Moggie the cat whom I share my house with much when she gets inbetween me and my food - nor do i like the man at number 3 and my friends' site agent when I am 'guarding' the office. Infact I dont let any one I dont know very well into my home just in case they are up to no good - but only when my mum & Dad arent there to tell me whether they are ok or not!


I love every one else though including my Mum & Dad & their new baby boy. At the weekends there is nothing i like more than playing with lots of kids in  the pub garden - as they throw sticks for me and feed me crisps until i am sick.


Utah (British Inuit)'s Friends

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Things I love: Hunting for rabbits Cooked ham. Raw meat My Owners & baby J. My playmates -the 5 year twins and their Dad from up the road. Swimming for sticks

Things I hate: Pesky moggie the siamese cat when she gets in bed with my owners - or even tries to eat my scoff! Man at no 3. (He has chicken legs I cant help it) Site Agent at local quarry.(GRRRRRRRRR!) Bruce the local collie he runs out & bites my bum when i'm being good boy and staying with Mum.

My favourite walks: Anywhere with rabbits or squirrels or water for swimming.

Other pets who share my home: Moggie the siamese cat. Briony, Giz and Vivi the ponies and the chickens

My favourite saying: AWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Howl) preferably at 3am x repetition of 6 verly loudly.

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 01/05/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Elansofar
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