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Hello, my name is Pepsi and I am a good girl! I am looking to meet some new friends online and share walkies ideas and places to go for days out and things. Don't you just hate it when you're all ready for a good day out somewhere and when you get there they say you aren't allowed in just cos you're a dog! I wouldn't mind, but we are better behaved than most of the kids you see at these places!! Anyway, if anyone has any good ideas where they like to go with their mums and dads and they would be willing to share them, please let me know and I'll tell my mum and dad. Thanx, love Pepsi x

Hello, welcome to my webpage! I have enjoyed making some new friends, and everyone looks so friendly and happy! I hope we can share all our adventures online! I have had a lazy day today, just chilling out with my mum on the couch and watching the telly, we are taking it easy today after our great big walk yesterday~ there is a picture of me and my dad by one of the waterfalls, my dad is pulling a face because my belly was all wet and my feet were soaking his jeans! hahahahaha. My mum brushed all my hair before...ahhh...lovely! I love having my hair brushed, I'd stand there all day if I could! Anyway, nice to meet you all, I hope some more Yorkies join up, there doesn't seem to be many of us here at the moment! Bye for now, Pepsi x

 Hello, friends! I've been to Calderstones Park today with my mum and dad, I saw a squirrel! I didn't chase it though, I was good! Dad took me out again for a little stroll around the block before we settle down for a bit of telly after tea! I can't wait to snuggle up to my mum on the couch! Bye for now gang!

Hello again everybody!! Guess what? Since I was last online I've had an adventure! I went camping! Yes, ME! IN A TENT! IT WAS BRILL!! I love going on my holidays! We went up to Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire. Me and my mum and dad went, and we had a laugh! It was tiring though, especially when you've only got little legs! By the end of the day I was tired so mum and dad brought out a rucksack with a fluffy blanket in for me to sit in when I got tired! We went in the pub and everything! I stuck to water though, I didn't get drunk! I fell asleep in the pub aswell! I even had some fish and chips, well, fish anyway. My mum took the batter off the fish for me, cos it makes me sick if I have greasy stuff. I played a trick on my mum and dad while we were away... Mummy was making some breakfast and my dad was getting out of the sleeping bag, and I snuck out of the tent while they weren't looking! I heard my mum asking dad where I was and he said "I dunno" and my mum went all panicky and said "Ooh, find her!!" So they both came running out of the tent and were legging it all round the tent and everything looking for me, and guess what? I was hiding behind the car!!! My mum picked me up and cuddled me and my dad said I was naughty for running away! But I just pulled a sad face at them and they let me off!!! I love being me!!!

Hello, again everyone! My mummy has put some more of my portfolio on my page, they include me in my biker jacket and me in my princess frock and also one of me wearing my christmas hat on christmas night after I had opened all my lovely toys! I got LOADS! I went for a walk with my dad today, we went to where my mummy works, and because it was quite warm today I was a bit thirsty when we got there, so my mum took me upstairs in her work and got me a drink and gave me a big cuddle and I said hello to everyone who works there too! Then I had to walk ALL the way home!! I was tired when I got in and I fell asleep til mum came home. She made me roast chicken for my tea! MMMMmmm!!!

Guess what? My mum has just give me a haircut and I look FABULOUS!! What happened was, I was playing footie in the back with my mum and dad with my best ball, and my dad kicked it and it went in the big pile of grass at the back of the garden, and I jumped in after it and I got grass ALL OVER ME! It was in my face and my eyes and everything, so mummy said I would have to have a bath, so I got my little rubber ducky and had a soak in the tub, and then after I got out and went downstairs and mummy brushed my hair, she decided that I needed a trim, so she did it herself!! I must say though, I feel much better in this heat at the moment without my winter coat on, I can play out a lot better now, I don't get so puffed out!!

Hello, again everyone! My mum has put another picture on of me in my dad's backpack when we were at the waterfalls! I didn't stay in for very long, I was too excited! I had a lovely day there! Went on a MASSIVE walk and slept ALL the way home!!

Hello again!! Just been playing out in the back garden with mum and dad. They were messing with my best ball again! And I shouted at Dolly~ she lives next door to me but she is a bit mad and she always sniffs by my fence when I'm playing out, so I shout at her! I'm quite a shouty person...I was shouting at Benjamin yesterday too! He lives next door to my nana and gan-gan and EVERY time I play out he's there...I think he fancies me! But his mum told him to come inside and my mum said I had to stop it so I went in and sat on the couch for a bit, but when mum wasn't looking I snuck back out and started playing again!!

Hello again everyone! Guess where I went the other day? Go on, guess...I'll tell you then...I went to Wales with mummy and daddy and we climbed up Moel Famau...well, when I say we climbed up, I climbed up some of it and then my daddy carried me up a bit more of it, cos I was getting a bit tired, I am only little! When we got to the top we had a picnic! We had ham sandwiches and roast chicken pieces...MMMMmmmm!! And my mummy brought my little foldaway bowl so I could have a drink. When we got back to our car I got on dad's knee and I slept ALL THE WAY HOME!!! Aaaahhhh... lovely!

Hello again everyone!! Guess what? It was my birthday on friday!! I turned eleven!! Can you believe it? I think it's about time I started lying about my age! I'm going to start telling people I'm only eight! I got lots of presents and I got a new bowl and a new mat for them to go on. I didn't get any more clothes though, I need a new wardrobe to put all the stuff I've already got in! I even got a birthday cake~ just a little one~ got to start watching my figure now~ I don't want to let myself go just because I've reached " a certain age"! I'm going up to see my nan and grandad today with my mummy, we usually go on a sunday as everyone is off work and there are more people to cuddle me! Oh, yes! I knew there was something else I was going to tell you all! Little Rafa, or actually, not so little anymore Rafa came to stay at my house again the other week, his mummy went on holiday and he wasn't able to go, so my mummy said he could stay with us, so he came and slept over for a couple of nights. He is very kissy and very persistant! My mummy took some photos of him trying to kiss me while I was on the couch, and I'm turning my face away! I'm just not that sort of girl! She has put it up here on my page for everyone to see! What is she like?!  Bye for now and Hello to my new friends!!!! love Pepsi xxxx

Hello again everyone! I haven't updated my page for ages! What must you all think of me?! I've been quite busy lately tho'. Lots of walks and everything, I'm preparing myself cos I'm going on a little holiday soon! Yay! I LOVE holidays!! I'm going back up to Yorkshire with my mummy and my dad and we are staying in an apartment overlooking the sea and mummy saysit's going to be lovely! I can't wait! And guess what she bought me? Only one of them carry things that I can sit in when I get tired and get carried around like Lady good is that?

And I'm going to visit my nanny and Gangy tomorrow, it's my gangy's birthday and i bought him a nice card saying how much I love him, and a nice present off me, although I'm not saying what it is in case he sees this page befroe tomorrow and spoils it for himself! Happy birthday for tomorrow Gangy, love you loads! xxx

 Hello again everybody!! It's been absolutely AGES since I updated my page! I'm so naughty!!

You'll never guess what's happened to me since I last updated myself...I've got a new cousin!!!

Not a furry one like me, a pink one like mummy and daddy! He belongs to my mummy's brother and his girlfriend, his name is Dylan and he's lovely!! I had my holiday that I told you all about on my last  update, AND I've had ANOTHER one!!! State of me!! We went away when there was like, LOADS of snow everywhere, especially where I was!! It wasn't much fun for me this time though, because the snow was sooo deep, it went right past my legs, all over my little belly and up to my shoulders!!!  Good job my mummy bought me that bag to be carried in, otherwise I don't think I'd have bothered going anywhere!! On the way there and all the way back,I sat in the back of the car with my dad while mummy did the driving. It was good, cos I could get all snuggly on my blankies in the back, and daddy could snuggle me up too!! There was sooo much snow it was just unbelievable!!!! When we came home, it was still all snowy, but not as bad and everyone said we were all mad to be going on holiday in that weather!! My postcards that I sent to my nanny and gangy and uncle Jason, and my new little cousin took over 2 weeks to get to them! How mad is that! Daddy said we're not going again, but I know that mummy is in charge really, daddy just thinks he is, so I'm going to ask my mum if we can go again. But not when it's cold and snowy!!!  Anyway, I'll try to keep everyone posted and up to date from now on, see you all soon, bye bye, love Pepsi. xxx


The day we have dreaded came yesterday morning when our beautiful little girl passed away. She had reached the age of 14 and was fit and healthy right to the end, She didn't lose her quality of life and we didn't have to watch her suffer, she just fell asleep and slipped away from us. She brought us so much happiness and love in the years she was with us, She was more than a dog, she was our best friend and our baby. She has left a hole which will never be filled and she will never be forgotten. Good night Baby Girl, love you more than words can say, rest peacefully, lots of love from your broken hearted Mummy and Daddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx






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Things I love: I love my mum and dad, and my nan and grandad and my uncles. I love my daffy duck toy, which was my very first toy I was given when I came home to live with my mum and dad, and I've still got him, although he's a bit tatty now! I love going for walks and I love going for a ride in the car. I love holidays...because they mean a big ride in the car, and lots and lots of walks afterwards! I love to cuddle up to my mum on the couch at night when we are watching telly.

Things I hate: I hate having a bath and having my hair dried with the hair dryer. I hate the hoover and I try to bite it when they get it out. I hate strangers in my house. I hate having to go out for a wee when it's raining. I hate it when I can't go out with my mum and dad, although I usually go to my nan and grandads when that happens. I hate being poorly and going the vets. I hate having to wait until christmas day to open my presents, because I get so excited when the christmas tree goes up.

My favourite walks: Some of my favourite walks are in Whitby, where I go for my holidays a lot. I like it there, I walk along the beach to Sandsend and back, and I walk to Ruswarp and go on the little boats there with mum and dad. Just yesterday I went to Ingleton Waterfalls with mum and dad and we did a big walk there, it was brilliant!!

Other pets who share my home: We don't have any other pets at home, although last year we had a little visitor for a few days, little Rafa, who is a Shih tzu, he lives with one of mummy's friends and his mum and dad were going on holiday so he stayed with us for a few days, but he kept trying to eat my tea and flirt with me!

My favourite saying: Who's a good girl? Do you want your dinner? Time for bed!

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Type: Past friend
Sex: Female
Birthday: 11/09/1998
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Pepsi's p.a.
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