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Hi My Name now is Buddy when my now Mum & Dad found me at the RSPCA rescue centre at Radcliffe on Trent Nottinghamshire I was called Buffy but they thought it was a bit "girlie" for a young fella like me.

The day I met them was a cold and wet day last March 2008 when they where passing by they had rescue dogs before but knew the rules had changed so Dad said lets go and have a look so in they came

They had a look at all us lonely souls but Dad kept coming back to my pen I look at Dad and wagged my little tail He looked at me and laughed and said " That's the boy for me" he walk away and I thought "that's it hes gone" 

10minutes later the kennel maid come and got me I thought walk time and we walked as far as the meeting area and there stood my new Mum & Dad I couldn't believe it Dad got down on his hands and knees on the wet muddy grass looked me in the eye and said "are we friends do you want to come home with us" I gave him a kiss on the nose and thought YES PLEASE he look at Mum and said "Thats it then" Three weeks later and I was in my new home

Its been nearly a year all but a few weeks

I had a few issues when I first arrived nervous at meeting my new family Children & Grandchildren but they all love me and I love seeing them and I love getting fussed by them So Thats My Story To Date 


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Things I love: My Teddy Bear and Soft Ball Snuggling up to my Mum in the evening on the sofa and having my ears played with Meeting other dogs as long as they are not too boistress

Things I hate: The cat next door the hoover and lawn mower one particular road to the coast its windy and bumpy it makes me sick i'm fine on other journeys

My favourite walks: along the beach at Long Sutton Lincolnshire along the river bank Gunthorpe Bridge Nottinghamshire around the picnic area Tattershall Lincolnshire

My favourite saying: Wanna go out dinner time

Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 01/04/2006
Owner: Buddy's mate
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