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My name's Meg, my mum and Dad bought me as a puppy and I'm nearly 2 now. I'm quite a small Jack Russell really but everyone comments on how big my ears are, mum always says I never grew into them!! I think they add to my character and I have plenty of that. I love digging holes on my walks and always end up with grass in my teeth!  I'm a really happy dog and have alot of energy but Mum and Dad knew that was in my breed so it's never a problem. We're looking at holidays at the moment and will probably go to Cornwall in July, it'll be my first time on holiday and in a caravan!

If anyone wants to be my friend please feel free.


I had a really good walk today, loadsa diggin!!


Holiday's booked, we go to Cornwall in July, lots of walking for me!!


Me after a muddy walk, Mum had to bath me after this one!!


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Things I love: I love having fun, I am lively and love playing with my toys (wrestling my cuddly ones) and any sticks that I may find on my walks! I enjoy going for a paddle in the local brook on warm days and I love being dried off in my warm towel just as much! I enjoy playing with my Frolic ball and releasing the treats that 'mum and Dad' put in for me, I love play time and walking with my friends Flag and Flint (Border Terriers) I love my bed after a long day especially when I bury myself under my blanket

Things I hate: I don't like the black cat that walks across my fence! I also don't like those Dentastix (mum tries to feed them to me!) I don't like loud noises or people knocking on the door!

My favourite walks: The local walks on the fields near home, Brierley Park, Burnt Stump Park and Cromford Canal

Other pets who share my home: 16 year old cat China, we play together when she's in the mood!

My favourite saying: Walkies!

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 30/06/2007
Country: United Kingdom
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