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Poppy Holden

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I'm a little black labrador with mongrel legs and a white chest. I think I'm crossed with a collie. My mummy and daddy rescued me and my sister when we were 9 weeks old because our real mum had abandoned us. I don't like exercising much and the vet said I need to go on a diet. My sister chases me round the fields to make me move more!


My mummy and daddy are getting married next year and we are their babies. We are going to the wedding and we're going to have flowers round our collars. We'll look very pretty.


Poppy's Friends

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Things I love: Eating, cuddles, licking, my rag toy, carrots

Things I hate: Baths, my sister Molly picking on me

My favourite walks: Walking by the canal, running in the fields, running on the beach

Other pets who share my home: Molly (my sister), Stu the catfish

My favourite saying: "What?!!!" "Hello mummy" "Wappy Mom Day"

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Pet Dog
Birthday: 09/11/2007
Owner: Ste
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