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AKA Cooker Boy OR Cookie Monster


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Things I love: Stealing socks and i really love pants from the dirty laundry!!! I enjoy stealing other dogs tennis balls and making my owners chase me for half to one hour to get it back. I like watching my owner squirm and appologise to the other owner. Sometimes my owner has to offer to buy a new ball for the other dog. I love to lie on the sofa and take up all of the space. Before settling down, I have to do the "wall of death" around the lounge. This consists of racing as fast as I can round in big

Things I hate: Being flicked on the nose by my Dad when I'm stealing the socks. He does this to try and tell me off becuase I don't listen and I am quite a naughty dog. My sister "Georgia" is a good little girl and never does anything wrong - Boring! I don't like one of the locals called "Boss" - he is a grumpy dog who likes to bite me and it hurts. I don't like my sister stealing my toys. She is the only one dog or human who can get anything off me. Then she won't give anything back for weeks.

My favourite walks: I like a triangular shaped field by my house - it smells nice and sometimes I can find "fox do do" to roll in and smell nice for days! I quite like our local woods but we have to get there in the car. I have to be lifted into the car as I'm not to keen. I think we might be going to the vets if I get in the car. I quite like walking around the big field near my house. We often see my doggie pals. Some of my favourites are "Jazz" "Sam" "Fudge" "Sampson" and "Ruby" but there are lots!

Other pets who share my home: I share my home with "Georia", she looks like me but is smaller and girlie looking. i call her my sister but she isn't really my sister. We have just been bought up together. She is nearly 2. Tabby is the cat she is 15. She is nicy and fluffy but does not like kisses.

My favourite saying: "Bickies" "Meaties" "Wee-wees"

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 26/11/2006
Country: United Kingdom
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