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Neo joined our family on the 8th of february 2009. 


Jane and i had just moved into our new house, lovely wooden floors, cream leather sofas, beutifull Newzeland lambs wool rug perfect, oops plasma on the wall great. Sprawled out on the sofa remote in hand Chelsea playing at home dinner on the go could life get any better, well it was certainly going to get more eventfull.


It was a bitterly cold sunday morning in january we had arranged to visit a few rescue centres with my parents as sadly thier beloved lurcher Daisy had passed away the year before and the time was right to introduce a new dog to the family. We had covered a lot of miles and spent the whole day looking but the right spark was not there, after saying our goodbyes we headed home for food and warmth and a browse on the internet. I stumbled across site "the beagle welfare" and began to read the profiles, a lump rose in my throat as i read to Jane the storey of Neo "neo a 11 year old beagle male given up due to owners new boyfriend moving in with 2 staffs" how could you turf an old boy out like that, i looked over at Jane tears glistening on her cheeks and so it began.

We made the journey to hampshire the following sunday and arrived at a lovely farm house with a sign on the gate, Serendipity dog hotel, as the door bell rang a crescendo of barks, howls and baying exploded from the yard and a wet muddy looking girl in wellies appeared, after introductions Neo was led oyt to meet us, the vision of a well groomed intelligent beagle vanished as a soggy grubby chubby furball appeared with a lampshade on his head, obviousley i had to ask about the headgear and the muddy wellies with pigtails explained that he had been carrying a 2 pound cist on his hind quater for some years and recently under gone a major operation to remove it. Whilst chatting to the girl my parents were introduced to a young beagle called Hadley clean, tall and bright eyed, Hadley had been given up due to his owners young child developing an allergy. After an hour or so of talking and papers being signed my parents were allowed to leave with Hadley unfortunatley Neo had to stay due to ongoing treatmentbut two weeks later we returned.

Papers signed we led Neo out the gate a voice called out behind us "he can open fridges and watch the humping". A two hour drive later we arrived home and introduced Neo to his new home. Thinking Neo was an old codger we had visited pets at home the day before for a dog bed variouse treatsand toys, Jane showed him into the lounge and he made straight for the bed walked over it and lept onto the sofa like an olympic high jumper, hmmm. For the past week the snow had been falling and settled well myself and Jane had built our first snowman together, carrot nose pink scarf buttons the works he stood proud atop our garden . After his initial snooze Neo decided to investigate the house, we followed him upstairs and starred at each other as he jumped on our new bed and started to make himself comfortable on my pillow.As the day turned to night Neo decided to make his first forege into the garden our lovely snowman turned a wiered yellow and his carrot nose vanished, bedtime came around and the usual quite was broken by a deep contented snore not Jane. The following day we gave Neo his first treats of Bonios wich to our surprise were not wolfed down but buried around the house no plant pot or sofa cushon spared unfortunatley Neo being a bit older couldnt trust himselfto remember where hed buried them so he left them standing like stonehenge. Saturday, shopping day, we took Neo to spend the day with his mate Hadley as we felt we could trust him, a few hours later we all arrived home opened the backdoor and Neo legged it up the garden, fridge door open remains of the bacon on their rug, Hadley looking contented and thinking i like Neo visiting.

Monday morning back to work, Neo had ready dog sitters , the idea take Neo to my parents in the morning collect him after lunch and home, this worked out extremely well Neo had a play mate every day but in his confused aged state Hadley was now and then mistaken for Harriot, i remembered that voice "he opens fridges and watch the HUMPING" the rest of that week passed without event, oh apart from the standard FOX POOH GOTTA ROLL INIT. During the nights our little snoreing machine was obviously getting hot as he reverted to sleeping on the floor so a duvet was made up pillow layed down snug asa bug, Jane gave up one of her winnie the poohsfor company, after returning home that day i was greated by a mound of soil on the lounge floor, after a bit of investigating i noticed the potted tree in the corner had a strange furry root protruding from its base, winnie the pooh buried head first bum in the air Neo looking innocent trying to hide the dirty muddy chops and grubby feet. That evening................................................................... Les,


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Things I love: sleeping, adventures out, FOOD, playing with my mate hadley (beagle from same rescue centre) burying bonios in the garden

Things I hate: no food, rainy days in, lumpy beds,

My favourite walks: Anywhere as long as I'm with my mum and dad!

My favourite saying: Where is my dinner, I'm starving!!

Breed: Beagle
Type: Pet Dog
Birthday: 10/05/1998
Owner: neo2009
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