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West Highland White Terrier


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In early 1999 I lost both my Dad and my faithfully westie Mack within a couple of months of eachother.  Left behind was out little girl westie Meggie who was totally lost without her sole mate.

She took to spending her whole life just laying on the settee totally sad and depressed. After six months I tried to encourage my husband to get another westie for both my sake and of course,

Meggies.  After six months had passed I saw an advert for westie puppies at a nearby farm and

of course we haad to go and see didn't we!  Well, when we arrived there were just three puppies

left and the little boy just looked straight at me and I fell in love with him.  We took him home on the 1st January 2001 - what a way to celebrate the millenium.  We called him Hector-Bill . When we took him in the lounge and showed him to Meggie it was as if a light had come on in her.  She immediately began to mother him and from then on began to live again.  They became the best of

mates and Meggie protected Hector right up until she died recently at the grand old age of 17 years.

Hector was at a loss at first, but soon found his own feet and became his own boss, although developed a fear of any other dogs.


We now live in beautiful West Cornwall and he loves the country lanes and of course some

of the most beautiful beaches in the country.




Hector hasn't been well since Christmas and has been diagnosed with arthritis. He has had a bit of a miserable time but now is feeling more like his old self. He has medication which helps the pain and stiffness.  Like with all Westies his brain rules and he often gets frustrated when his body doesn't keep up with his head!


Sadly little Hector passed away on the 9th March 2012. We miss him so very much and our lives are very empty without him. He was a very loving and loyal little Westie. RIP Hector xxxx



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Things I love: I love my food. Best of all I love to sit on the settee in the evening snuggled up to my Mum and watch t.v. I enjoy rolling around on the carpet after I have had a bath.

Things I hate: Other dogs, cats, baths, having my nails clipped. I especially hate it when Mum has visitors staying and I don't get her full attention. Although I love our Post Lady, I can't help barking and going absolutely potty when I hear her footsteps on the gravel drive. I hate the doorbell too. I hate going to the vets but I behave myself when I am there.

My favourite walks: I love walks whether they are on the beach or down all the lovely country lanes where I live.

Other pets who share my home: There is just me since my sister Westie Meggy died

My favourite saying: Dinner

Breed: West Highland
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 30/09/1999
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Sterling
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