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Sunny Boy


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I was born on the 17th march 2006, i am three, i had lots of brother's and sister's and aunt's and uncles, when i came to my new house i felt a bit lonely so my dad let me sleep on his side of the bed, i only made a mess two night's( not on the bed) after that i was a very good boyand i never GO in the garden only when out for walk's.

My mum and dad sometimes go to England on holiday, to see their human family or friend's,


Once i  stayed in the kenell's and they were very kind to me, but i love staying with my sister, her name is lizzy . I have a friend called Hector, he lives in England and we email each other.

14 05 09,today we walked to the vets, i ran up the stairs and sat on the scales, it read 12 killo, i have been doing a lot of running so i should have lost weight, but the vet didn't seem worried,he gave me a thorough excamination and said everything was o k,phew!! then i had my rabies jab and boosters,he said i was a very good boy and gave me a treat but i spat it out,i'll only take them from my mum or dad. The next time i go will be for my hair cut,


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Things I love: Lots of cuddles,food,walks when i can go off the lead and have a goog run and get muddy,then i have to have a bath and brush, i love to play with my doggy friend's, i really love my sister,she comes to me sumtim's and i stay with her when my master and mistress go on holiday,i love my mistress but my master is my best friend.I love children they play with me,it's fun.

Things I hate: When my master goes fishing without me, other wise i dont hate anything.I have to bark to let people know when some one is about who shouldn't be,it make's me feel very important!!! I don't like my master and mistress going out without me, but it does'nt happen often,they say we cant take you shopping and i get a speciall treat.

My favourite walks: I like to go to the beach but we havent got a car,so i get 4 walks a day sometime's 5 we walk to the vets he is nice even when he stick's that sharp thing in me.

Other pets who share my home: no other pets im an only dog, i quite like cat's but i dont think they like me, they run away!! we also have a sqirrill in the palm tree but its too high for me to play with,four other dogs live on my urbanization and i talk to them.

My favourite saying: Your a good boy, sunny.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Owner: sunny's mum and dad
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