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My Little Sparkle

The story so far ....


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Well, theres not much to tell yet as I'm still only a baby.

My mummy and daddy brought me home on 6th February 2009.  I'm soooo glad they did because I was in a Kennel.  It was really noisy there and I was all on my own.


There was another little girl in the Kennel next to me, Christopher, mummys little boy, wanted the other little girl but mummy said no : thats the girl for me.


Here I am on my first night home: 

Mummy says I cried all night, for 3 weeks.  I got my own way in the end,  I now sleep in Mummy and Daddy's bedroom next to their bed.... hehe .. 


Mummy told me she had a dog before me called Honey, a Shar Pei who she loved very much.  But she got ill and had to go to sleep.  This is a picture of Honey and mummy on their last family holiday.  Mummy says we will be going there in the summer - I can't wait.


Yesterday we went to my grandma and grandads house for a BBQ to watch Everton v Chelsea and mummy and daddy wanted to watch Britains Got Talent.

Mummy says I was a very good girl all afternoon.  I ate all my tea up and didn't chew grandmas plants.  I did get some mucky prints on grandmas cream sofa though ... ooopppps.


This is me on the sofa being a good girl.





Unfortunately, I wasn't as good today, mummy says she now has two big holes in the garden where she says I have been digging.  I told her that I hadn't, but she doesn't believe me.

I told her that the doggie in the picture isn't me.




 Well, I've grown up a little bit now - I'm 9 months old and my mummy says I'm getting a big girl.  I do what mummy says most of the time but sometimes when we are out walking and she lets me off that thing she calls a lead, I run off, I know I shouldn't but there are too many interesting things to look at and smell.  Mummy takes my squeeky ball and treats so I do come back but in my own time!


Last week-end 19th July, mummy, daddy and me went to a Schnauzer Fun Day.  I got to see loads of other doggies that looked just like me!

There I met up with my new friends George, Max and Isaac.  Mummy talks to their mummies on this thing she calls a computer but we had never all met before.  It was great, I had two big boys fighting over me!  I just wanted to give George lots of kisses and Isaac gave me neck ache because I had to keep looking up to see him - he was soooooooo big.  Max was very sweet, such a gentleman.


This is Max, George  and Me.


         I got a bit upset on the way home because I missed my new friends but mummy says not to worry we will see them again soon - yipeeeeee.




On 24th August mummy, daddy and my brother and sister went to London and didnt take me!!  They took me to this thing called a kennel.    I didnt like it much although I did do lots of wagging when mummy and daddy came to pick me up 3 days later.  I had some little scabs on my leg, mummy says I must have got stressed but not to worry I would soon forget when we went to the beach at weekend. 


Wow, beaches are great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can run, and run and run and run and nobody tells me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dont laugh, but this is me after my first beach visit, I'm a little embarrassed, mummy says the sea air makes you sleepy.



 This is me with my new toy that mummy got me for being such a good girl.








            It was a bit windy on the beach !!!!



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Things I love: Food, my mummy and going for long walkies

Things I hate: I know I shouldn't but : cats, birds and other small fury things that move very fast

My favourite walks: Abney Hall, Bruntwood Park, Happy Valley

Other pets who share my home: Katie a budgie, and a a tank full of fish

My favourite saying: wheres your ball, find it!!!!!!

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 28/10/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Sparkling Lass
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