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Rio the Cairn Terrier

Not Rio the Footballer


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First ToyOne of my favourite places to chill out at home is the sofa.  The arm is a just the right height to rest my chin.
















But I also like my bed. When I'm completely relaxed I usually end up flat out on my back.
















This is me relaxing in our new caravan.  Very comfy.


Found out that I really like snow..........A Lot

















But rain is another matter.  Because of my double-coat it takes ages to get dry so I wear this nifty wax jacket when I go out in the rain.

Things I love: I love my new orthapeadic bed. I recently found out that my hips are misaligned and my new bed is very comfortable and helps my condition. My parents moved house recently and the new place is really nice. The garden is massive and I love to go exploring in there. I still like to walk off my lead and have some great new walks to go on now that we've moved. Oh yes, I still like to steal socks, especially if they're rolled up. I also have a new friend called Bobby who is crossed between

Things I hate: Change. Any kind of change and if my bedding gets washed I can hold a sulk for a week. I can also add to this bath time although I am quite taken with the blow dry afterwards. Oh yes and haircuts sooo not necessary in my veiw.

My favourite walks: Attingham Park where I can run off my lead and feel the wind in my face. There's a wobbly bridge over a river that's quite scary to cross, and lots of other friendly dogs to say hello to. Red Wharf Bay Angelsey. You can walk for miles and I get to go an play in the sea. Basically anywhere my dad wants to take me.

Other pets who share my home: I now share my garden with 2 hens called Milly and Meme. Now I dont mind them too much but I do prefer then to behind the gate as they have a nasty habit of chasing me!!

My favourite saying: Well this just has to be "bed time" mind you "dinner time" has a nice ring to it.

Breed: Cairn Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 19/01/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: riosmum
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