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I am Fynn Dog the Siberian Husky


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Hello.  My name is Fynn but everyone calls me Fynn Dog.  I was born in Hampshire and I come from a line of successful show dogs.   My grandad was a champ dog!   My breed is Rajarani and my kennel club registered name is 'Beau Ideal' which means 'The Best.'   When I was 8wks old I was one of three left in my litter.  My other siblings had gone to new homes.   A young couple from Cornwall came to get me.  It was a long drive to my new home and not long after we left Hampshire I cried....and wouldn't stop!  So we pulled over and my new mum got me out of my cage and let me sit on her lap - I slept all the way home. 


That was 6 years ago now!    I have the best life and glad I came to live here.   Many 'husky' owners advise not to let our breed off the lead, as we don't always come back but my mum and dad put loads of time into training me and now I spend more time off the lead than on.  I am bad sometimes though and don't always come back, especially if there are other dogs around as I like to go and say hello. 


Fynn's Friends

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Things I love: Jumping in long grass...the beach.....squeaky toys.....'greenies'.....bonios......

Things I hate: Swimming!

My favourite walks: The beach is my favourite place cos I can run around and burn loads of energy. I love digging holes too. There's loads of beaches round where I live so I go to different ones all the time!

Other pets who share my home: Kaycee the tabby cat......she's older than me and is the boss!

My favourite saying: Can you tittle my bewwy? Translates as 'Can you tickle my belly?'

Breed: Siberian Husky
Type: Pet Dog
Birthday: 09/05/2003
Owner: jocornishgirl
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