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Scooby Doo!


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My name is Scooby.


I am a 18mth old chocolate labrador and I live with my human family and my mate Fudgie (who is the same breed but he's yellow).


Mum and Dad have had me since I was 10 weeks old. I'm a very lucky dog, I get spoilt and loved, the house i live in has a big graden for me to run around in, and we go for lots and lots of long walks to all sorts of exciting places. I love sniffing around, finding sticks and retrieving anything my mum throws for me.


The latest exciting thing - Mum went and bought me and Fudgie a large pool to play in as it's sooo hot - me and Fudge jump in and out, splashing around and getting very wet, but it does keep us cool! We get very tired having so much fun! We play stone bobbing where I have to put my nose in the water to pick a stone up from the bottom, my mum also throw my bouncy ball ifor me to get!


When i get tired, and the end of the day i love to have cuddles with Mum - me and Fudgie go everywhere with her, except to the shops when she buys food becuase we can't be trusted. My favorite shop is Pet's at home - mum lets me go in with her and pick a toys up - but it's so difficult as there are so many to chose from!


In return for the love and attention I get, I'm a really good boy - sometimes I feel like being naughty, like digging a little hole in the garden, but i try not to. If i do do something, i just blame it on Fudgie!


Be great to hear from other doggies who are as lucky as me!


Scooby. x


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Things I love: Eating, playing with my bouncy ball, having cuddles with my mum and swimming - i love to retrieve plastic bottles! In fact, I'm never very far away from my mum.

Things I hate: Spring Onion, having a bath - yuck!

My favourite walks: I love all walks, but they must be by a river or lake so i can swim - me and Fudgie play hide and seek in the reeds, I pretend I'm a lion!

Other pets who share my home: My mate Fudgie - although he keeps biting my ears (but I actually don't mind that much)!

My favourite saying: Dinner Time! Oh and 'Walkies'!

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 13/01/2008
Owner: geadie
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