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Rufus Broganslade


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My full pedigree name is Brogenslade Patience, but I am 'Rufus' to my humans.  When I am naughty I am sometimes called 'Rufus Brogenslade what have you done'.  I was born near to the New Forest, my dog dad is called Bob (Mustwork Dawnhunter) and my dog Mum is Mia (Empress Mia).  You can see them at   I am from Galfrid/Gardenway/Russetmantle stock, which my humans like to mention alot but I have no idea what that means.  I love to run and jump and bark.  Once I went on a Viz Wiz with lots of other Vizslak which was the most fun I could have without my head exploding!!  I must take my friend Hector on one soon.  I love other Vizsla's and I also like Labradors' especially the black ones as they remind me of my old friend Emma.  I am quite fond of Weimaraners but they are sometimes grumpy.  Soon I will be taking Hector on holiday to see my dog mum and dad in the new forest while my humans go away for a week.  I will miss them but I have the New Forest and my real doggy parents to keep me occupied until they return.


I would like to make friends with other Vizslak that aren't Hector!  Plus I would also like to meet Weimaraners, Labradors, Retreivers, any HPRs or dogs who just love to run about in the overgrowth bouncing and barking and causing mischief.  In fact any dogs really as we are all pretty cool!

Things I love: Running about in woods. running about at the seaside. running about anywhere else. Bouncing about is another of my favourite pastimes. Tripe, Smacko's, cheese, sleeping, Tripe Sticks. I am on the 'raw meaty bones' diet, so I like the odd tin of processed dog food once in a while, my guilty treat to myself.

Things I hate: The strimmer. Dad's electric drill. Hector (sometimes!!)

My favourite walks: Sherrardswood, Welwyn Garden City is really cool. Lots of pesky rabbits. I also like Mardley Heath and somewhere called Robbery Bottom. I got lost there once, trying to find out why it had a funny name.

Other pets who share my home: I have to share my house with Hector, who is another Vizsla but not as good as me. Plus I was here first. Oh yes, the humans own a cat, called Needles O'Teeth, who comes from Ireland, wherever that is.

My favourite saying: I have a special saying when Dad gets home from work, it goes 'A Wo wo wo wo wo wo' . My friend Hector is learning to say 'Hello' by the humans, but to me it just sounds like a belch!

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla
Type: Pet Dog
Birthday: 18/01/2008
Owner: speedybright
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