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Willow Border Collie


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I am an obsessive ball chaser. It doesn't matter what kind, football, rugby ball, tennis ball; if there is a ball about, you won't get any sense out of me. Whangdon, my brother always plays with me, but he just bounces about, he can't run as far, or as fast as me.


I love to get up really early in the morning, unfortunately no one else does. I can't understand why!!!


Whangdon, likes to sneak up on the sofa, when no one is looking, but that's not my style. I will just bounce up into the chair to sit on your knee and say, I'm here. People say that I'm an attention seeker, but it's just not true, I'm very high maintenance.


I was born and brought upon a farm, but have had to get used to living in a village, I have settled extremely well. I go for lots of walks and love exercise, so if you see me chasing a ball, don't get in my way.



This is me being pampered. There really is nothing better.



I really am the most beautiful dog that you will ever see, just look at my complexion.



Whangdon always tries to upstage me



And pinch my toys








But we all know who is top dog here.


I just thought that you might like to hear of our latest adventure. We have just returned from holiday.


It was a new experience for us, because they usually put us into kennels and WE DON'T LIKE IT!!!, The people there are very nice, but the other dogs are very noisy and they scare us.


The weather wasn't the best...


In fact it rained and rained, but we still got some nice walks, visited some very posh houses and did some very exciting stuff.





Do you know, we had to get into this bucket thing and fly to get here!

They told us that it was a cable car, but we know cars can't fly.


After all we are Border Collies and are much brighter than we look!


Please come and visit me again soon

Lots of love



PS Please don't forget to visit Whangdon, we do everything together and he will sulk if you ignore himxx



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Things I love: Nigel and chasing balls

Things I hate: Worm and Flea treatments, scary big dogs

My favourite walks: Castle Eden Walkway, Hardwick Hall Country Park, Herrington Country Park, Castle Eden Dene, Hartlepool Headland to Crimdon Beach

Other pets who share my home: My Brother Whangdon

My favourite saying: It's 2:30, time to get up.

Breed: Border Collie
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 20/07/2004
Owner: dottymus
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