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Whangdon Border Collie


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My sister Willow and I live in Co Durham. We were born and raised on farms, but now we live in a village. We have have lived here since July 2008, and have settled down brilliantly. When we go for a walk, lots of people stop us and tell us how gorgeous and well behaved we are. 


Willow is the athlete in the family, she would chase balls all day if she could, but personally I prefer a good walk. Being the intelligent one in the family, I retrieve the balls that she can't find and generally chill out, while she is running around like a mad thing. I also like to watch the cricket, now and again at the local club, especially when Andy plays.(Andy and Izz are my pets),



If you ever see me in Hardwick Park, or any of my other favourite places, don't be frightened to say hello!




This is one of my favourite games.



 Bursting Bubbles.



It is great fun but sometimes, they just get away!



I don't like wet weather, because wet weather means dirty paws and having baths!!!! 



Playing in the snow is much more fun and I keep lovely and clean.

Let it snow every day until Christmas!!!!!!


Chasing snowballs is fun, but finding them is a nightmare


To warm up again, there is nothing I enjoy better than watching the television,



with a friend




But if it all gets too scary, I just turn away and close my eyes.



Please don't forget to visit my sister Willow, 


Best wishes doggy friends 







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Things I love: My sister Willow, food, being stroked and cuddled, going for a walk and playing football

Things I hate: Flea and worm treatments, wet weather and getting dirty

My favourite walks: Castle Eden Walk Way Hardwick Country Park Herrington Country Park Hartlepool Headland to Crimdon Beach

Other pets who share my home: My twin sister Willow.

My favourite saying: It's breakfast time, where's my food? I'm fading away, feed me!

Breed: Border Collie
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 20/07/2004
Owner: dottymus
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