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the greatest long haired dachshund in the Universe

Midantes Michelangelo (Michael)

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Midantes Michelangelo (Michael)
Midantes Michelangelo (Michael)
Midantes Michelangelo (Michael)
Midantes Michelangelo (Michael)
Midantes Michelangelo (Michael)
Midantes Michelangelo (Michael)
Midantes Michelangelo (Michael)
Midantes Michelangelo (Michael)
Midantes Michelangelo (Michael)

The Photos below mine on the left are of my family - 2 pictures of my mummy Sienna who is a 'Lady' (whatever that is) and doesn't really like to join in the rough games Auntie Pagan and I usually play. Mother says it's because I'm a 'thug', I don't know what that means - but she still loves me so it can't be too bad.


The fifth is a picture of Auntie Pagan, and the fifth photo shows the pair of us playing the biting game when I was younger - we still play that and chasing games, even though at 12 months I'm now quite grown up.


The seventh photo is my brother Leon (short for Leonardo - well mother IS and artist after all) but sadly he died when he was only 9 weeks old because he had something called epilepsy, I know he was very poorly for two weeks before he left us. Mother was distraught but I tried hard to make things up to her, which is why I think I'm so special to her now.


The next picture is a portrait of one of mothers other dogs called Liam - she says she loved him as much as me, (I don't actually believe that though) and painted this portrait when he died so she could remember him. I hope she paints my portrait one day - 'cause she keeps saying that I'm very special to her too.


The next two photos are of mother with some of the dogs she's had in the past, Edward Bear, Liam and Bumble Blue, Tiger Rupert and Leopold, and James, also one with her favourite horse who was called Jubilate and was a Morgan. Sadly I didn't know any of these people, though I think it would have been fun to be in their gang!


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Things I love: Having mother sleep in my bed with me (and mummy, auntie and the cats) I really like to snuggle under the duvet when it's cold. I also love going for walks with my mother, mummy and Auntie (& sometimes the cats too!). She says I'm the greatest love of her life although she also likes to play golf and ride horses She's an artist and works at home, so she's always around to play with us if we want to. She paints lots of dogs, and sometimes they come to the house to be photographed.

Things I hate: I don't like people who don't like dogs - mother says they usually they have problems in other ways too! I don't like anyone but mother touching me because I'm afraid they might try to take me away from her and mummy and auntie, even though mother says she will NEVER let anyone do that. I don't like other dogs much either because I don't like them taking mothers attention away from ME!

My favourite walks: In the fields around my house - we can walk freely without leads for several miles. I also like to go to the reservoir across the road sometimes, but then we DO have to wear leads part of the way which is a bit of a bore. At the moment however the grass is so long in the fields, that we have to stick to the footpaths!

Other pets who share my home: Sienna - my mum who is a chocolate and cream long hair, and very beautiful - mother says I get my looks from her; Pagan my (honorary) wire haired auntie who adores me (I'm not vain of course!) and plays with me a lot, and two cats - Sophie and Harry who are brother and sister, but not much alike - they're older than me and can sometimes be a bit cross so you have to be careful when asking them to play with you.

My favourite saying: You're SO gorgeous, Walkies, and Meat, Bones, Gravy (yum yum, thank goodness - mother is an enlightened raw food feeder)!

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 17/08/2008
Owner: Elizabeth
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