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Things I love: I love drinking water, swimming, playing with my friends, going on long walks with my Mammy, my sister & the dogs my Mam looks after for other people while their Mammy's are at work or on holiday. My favourite part of the day is quiet time at night when I'm allowed on the sofa for a cuddle.

Things I hate: I don't hate anything, my Mammy says I'm the sweetest dog in the world because nothing ever phases me & I just wag my tail (what's left of it!) all day every day!

My favourite walks: I love going to the lake near where we live, it's quite big & my Mam & Dad throw my toy into the water & I leap in off the little pier & bring it back, I could do that all day! It's the one thing I get to do on my own too because my little sister Roxy can't swim yet!!

Other pets who share my home: I have a little sister called Roxy, she's a Weimaraner, she is much bigger than me & thinks she's 'THE BOSS' but the truth is I let her believe that! he he. I aslo had a brother called Steve, he's a tiny little mouse, i like to sniff at his cage. We sometimes have friends who come over too to stay with us, I don't mind sharing my toys with them, it's great having someone else to play with!

My favourite saying: I ALWAYS tell my Mam to scratch me belly, & if she doesn't scratch the right place, I claw at her arm to move it to where I want it!!

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)
Type: Pet Dog
Birthday: 06/02/2006
Owner: Paula
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