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Poppy was rescued by me and my husband when we lived in Spain.  She was hobbling around on three legs as one of her hind legs was broken in 2 places.  The Spanish were shooing her away from a restaurant.  I encouraged her to come to our table and fed her my tapas - she was starving! We then took her to a local vet who wanted to put her to sleep.  We asked him to try and save her and offered to pay for the operation.  He shook his head to indicate we were totally mad and then said he could possibly pin the leg but it was very badly broken.  However the operation was a complete success and Poppy has been walking, running and jumping without a trace of a limp ever since.  We brought her back to the UK with her EU passport 5 years ago and the leg is still fine but, at 10+  years old, she gets some stiffness when she's been overdoing things.

She has cost us a fortune but is worth every penny.  She gives us so much love, loyalty and laughs.  I can't imagine life without her.


Poppy's Friends

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Things I love: Walks in the woods Chasing squirrels and rabbits Having my tummy tickled Snoozing on the sofa Swimming

Things I hate: Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats

My favourite walks: Little Wittenham woods The river at Clifden Hampden Wittenham clumps

Other pets who share my home: Tango (black lab)

My favourite saying: I'll give you 24 hours to stop tickling my tummy

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Rescue Dog
Owner: Poppysmum
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