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oh what a sweet girl


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1m 10 yrs old and a sable colour like lassie .My petigree name is I LOVE TROUBLE  but i dont know

why it was picked for me because i have a very soft  quite nature



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Things I love: sit and watch t.v with grandma, walk around the garden and look at the flowers, sleep on my chair just hang around the family and be fussed been cuddled and kissed

Things I hate: going out and getting my fur wet and dirty, loud noise and fireworks, going to far on a walk wooden bridges and some steps

My favourite walks: walking across the public footpath though the large barley fields , walking in the woods to the stream and back . going back home

Other pets who share my home: Jason the rough collie

My favourite saying: can we stop for a rest now

Breed: Collie (Rough)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: topaz 2
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