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Zak the Dog!


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Hi there everyone! My name is Zak!  Zak the Dog!


I'm what they call a senior dog, however I think they must be joking as I dont look, act or feel like an OAP!  Someone told me the other day that I would still have some growing to do!  That was a shock as I'm big enough and trip over my own feet as it is, so if they were bigger I'd have no chance!  The people thought I was still a puppy!  Thankfully they didn't ask for my ID, as I don't have a bus pass!


I got a new family just over a year ago as my other family emigrated to Australia and couldn't take me with them.  I was so sad for a while but now I'm over it and love my new life!  My new family take great care of me and it's fair to say I am very happy and content!  I get spoilt rotten because I'm so handsome - but hey, a dog's gotta try, right?  And boy do I try!


I seemingly have mild epilepsy but I just thought I needed a lie down a few times while out on a walk!  The scary big vet diagnosed me and my medication works wonders.  Since taking it, pee on wood, I haven't had to lie down while out on a walk again!  Phew!  It also means I get a bit of Babybel twice a day with my pill!  It's a win win situation!


Anyway folks, my paws are tired with all this typing so I'm heading off for some Z's.


Have fun!



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Things I love: Being with my family and playing with them, having fun walks (I get so impatient when they want to stop to enjoy the view though!), playing with my stuffed squirrel, chicken, having my tummy and chest rubbed, a Wednesday with Liz and my chums!

Things I hate: Being away from home for too long - I'm a home body and I miss my people when they are away! Pesky bugs buzzing around my head when I lie in the garden! The taste of Drontal - yuck! Going to the vet!

My favourite walks: Around my village and down in the woods on the miles of trails.

My favourite saying: Did someone say chicken?

Breed: German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 01/08/2000
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: katya
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