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I am a lively young Border Collie.  I like nothing better than walking out with my owner.  I am a very sociable dog and mix well with other humans and am very friendly with other dogs.  I have lots of dog friends whom I reguarly meet on our walks out.  Home life is very good, with lots to eat and a bed next to my human at night time.  I have a lovely garden and like to relax out there during the daytime.  My humans are retired and so I spend a lot of time with them, I am rarely ever left on my own.  We are going to Whitby and on a narrow boat down the local waterways for my holidays this year.


Welll my owners and I have been to Whitby for our holidays and it was brilliant.  The journey in the car was long but Marcus my boy playmate had a burger with cheese and I managed to con a large chunk using the old big eyes and side ways head trick, he falls for it every time.  We had fish by the sea and I went swimming for the first time in the waves, I loved it, especially when I gave the great shake at the end of each dip in the sea, my owners were more wet than me.  At Sandsend there is a dog friendly beach, it stretches all the way up to the little beach huts, you can run your heart out.  We also did lots and lots of long walks along the cliff tops and into Wainwrights footsteps, all those new smells.  We stayed in a cottage and there was a little labrador there, he was my playmate, we ran round and round the garden until we were exhausted. The Whitby area  is brilliant for dogs, and even in the town although it was very busy with lots of humans there were lots and lots of us dogs too. Well I will update when I have been on my holidays on a thing they call a narrow boat...I wonder what adventures I will have there.



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Things I love: Going for walks, playing with toys, chewing hide bones, bones, fresh meat, tea, ice cream.

Things I hate: Cars, cycles, runners.

My favourite walks: Burbage woods, Bouskell Park, Burbage common, Jubilee Park, Aylestone Meadows, Whistle Way.

Other pets who share my home: Lily the Birman cat, lots of goldfishes and three snakes.

My favourite saying: Tea.

Breed: Border Collie
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 02/09/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Gorgeous George
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