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Eric, Sydney and Me Alfi

Alfi, Eric, Sydney & Gilbert

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Alfi, Eric, Sydney & Gilbert
Alfi, Eric, Sydney & Gilbert
Alfi, Eric, Sydney & Gilbert
Alfi, Eric, Sydney & Gilbert

  My mummy found me advertised in the local Friday Ad under 'Wanting a new home'.  She rang up and came to see me on Valentines Day on 14 February 2005. She bought her canine friend Winstone who was a border collie with her to meet me to see if we got on.  Winstone was a lovely boy and you could see he loved his mummy with a passion.  Unfortunately Winstone embarrassed her as he poohed on owners white carpet - oooooops.


Anyway after lots of discussion it was agreed that I would go home with my new mummy. I was a bit nervous but soon settled down with Winstone who looked after me and taught me what to do.  My mummy says my previous owners only had me  as a fashion accessory as they had white carpets white furniture and white curtains so am glad I came to my new home.  Unfortunately Winstone passed away when I was 10 months old and I missed him terribly but my mummy had horses so we used to go to the yard every day where I would steal the horses' pooh and eat it - mummy said that was disgusting and couldn't understand why she wouldn't let me kiss her!!!!!


Mummy went away for a few days and I was so upset but she came home with a

new friend for me to play with - his name was Eric.  He too was a miniature  schnauzer and was 9 months old. Mummy said she had got him to show (whatever that meant).  He was lovely and we played and played.  Mummy  was lucky because she was able to take us both to work.  Because  she took us for a long walk early in the morning we just slept at her office. Mummy was really excited one day and told me Eric had qualified for Crufts (daddy said it was a poofy dog show). Yuk all that shampoo and stuff.  Eric got 3rd at Crufts at his first attempt and mummy cried.  In January of

this year we had a gobby little adolescent join our household called Sydney the

mini schnauzer - he was 7 weeks old and boy was he noisy.  Mummy said he too was deemed for the show ring.  He has got his first show on Saturday 25.7.09 so

he will be getting all ponced up - YUK.  We all get on so well together.  None of us are top dog (mummy wouldn't  allow that).  We take bones and toys off each

other and play well together.   When my grandad comes over he brings his dog

Harriett who is also a miniature  schnauzer - unfortunately she doesn't know how to play as she has had lots and lots of babies prior to living with my grandad.  My mummy says when she dies she is going to come back as a  dog as long as she can choose her owner!!!!



Sydney and Eric:-


Went to what mummy calls an Open Dog show on Sunday and my brother Eric got 1st and Reserve Best of Breed - mummy said that was good.  I had to wait a long long time for my class and I was starting to get tired by the time I went in the ring.  There were lots and lots of other four legged friends in the ring but I did what mummy asked of me then a strange lady put her hands on me and looked at my teeth and then went down my back then down my back legs and then asked mummy to walk round the ring with me.  The grass was very long and it was quite difficult to walk but did my best.  The judge called mummy and me forward and mummy told me we had got a 5th which she was pleased with for my first attempt. I know she would have liked a higher place but never mind there is always another day.  We are off to a breed club show on Sunday - mummy calls these shows birthday parties so I am looking forward to seeing lots of friends who look just like me.  I promised mummy Eric and I will be good boys and do our best.  Alfi doesn't miss us but we miss him.


Eric won both his classes and was such a good so mummy gave him lots of cuddles and kisses.  Eric, Alfi, Harriet (grandads dog) and Sydney are off to Bournemouth show and we are staying in mummy's caravan for a few days.  Eric got third in his breed class and then got 5th in Special Beginners Stakes above 26 other doggies so Eric did very well.  Unfortunately mummy was told that Sydney would not make a show dog so she was very very upset but my two legged sister is going to take him to do agility.  I used to hate it but I think he will do really well.  I think I heard mummy saying that she will get another little boy in the hope he will make a show dog so watch this space.  If she does it means we have got to share mummy and daddys bed with another four legged poop machine!!!!
















UPDATE - 2 September 2009


Sydney is doing very very well at agility - his trainer has called him Super Sydney (Big head). Apparently his trainer says he is one to watch for the future as he takes it all in his stride - perhaps this is what he was born to do.  That's fine by me and Eric.  Even better by me because if Sydney goes to Agility and Eric goes to a show I can have the whole big bed by myself and streeeeeeeetttttttcccccccchhhhhh until my little heart is content (Ive got to share it with daddy of course).  Mummy and Daddy are off to Corfu tomorrow 3 September and it is the first time they have left all three of us behind.  My two legged sister is going to look after us but I did hear mummy saying that she would miss us terribly and wish she could take us with her - we will have to give her an extra big welcome when she comes home and hopefully she will bring us a pressie back!!!!


10 September 2009


Mummy and Daddy are now back from holiday and they are a horrible dirty colour which I think is called brown.  Mummy cried when she saw us as she really did miss us.  She said she is not going abroad again and only going on holiday if she can take us with her.  Its so nice to have her back home although we have got to get used to sharing the bed with her and daddy - most inconsiderate.



UPDATE - 7.12.09


Well as promised mummy has brought home a new addition.  His name is Gilbert and is now 12 weeks old.  He is another pepper and salt miniature schnauzer and I must admit he is rather gorgeous.  He apparently is destined for that showing lark.  Unfortunately mummy is going into hospital tomorrow to have another back operation so she will be away for a few days and I know me and my brothers will really miss her but it will be lovely to have her back home so I must make sure we all give her a big big kiss before she goes.



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Things I love: We love our mum. She always finds time for us and is never cross. She says we have never ever done anything wrong since the day she brought us home.

Things I hate: Getting wet and going to the seaside. I hate being woken up in the morning - if I had my way I would stay in bed all day.

My favourite walks: My mummy and my brothers like to go to the park and also to the big field near where we live.

Other pets who share my home: Eric who is 2.5 years old and a little gobby new addition who my mum has called Sydney. It was nice and quiet until he joined our family but he's lovely really. Gilbert is now 12 weeks old and is lovely

My favourite saying: What you learn today remember tomorrow.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Show Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/09/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Kay
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