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Tina Yorkshire Terrier

A special friend


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Before My Mum came for me I was all on my own with my Doggy mum.  I was just 6wks old, she came with her Mum but they took me home with them in 1972 ? - guess they felt sorry for me but I was so glad to be going somewhere.


The first night I slept in this cardboard box in the kitchen and cried  - gosh I'm so small here.

This is me my first night at my new home.  I'm a Yorkshire Terrier


Mum can't remember how old I am in this picture but think I am still a puppy here.

When Mum had me she stayed at home with her Mum & stepfather, but we used to go away at weekends to her real Dad.  We stayed with him most weekends and had a great time as we were always out and about.


Once when we got there, it had been snowing and we all went sledging. I loved this as some kids were there and I went on the sledge with them, went down the hill and then ran back up all set to go back down with them again.

This was great and Mum could not believe how often I did this it was good fun.

When we got back to her Dad's house we used to curl up in front of the coal fire it was so cosy and warm & of course I got to sleep with Mum.


Another time we went and when we arrived her Dad was washing his car, then we went into the house for some lunch as we were all going out later in the car.  When we arrived at our destination a CAT crawled out from under the front seat, it had got into the car when Dad was washing it....  This meant that I could not be left in the car at all so it was fish suppers all round that day... and we had to take the cat back home with us.


Then when Mum met George in 1978 and she had to decide what to do when he asked her to get married as that meant she would have to leave me as they were going to be staying in a flat where doggies were not allowed also she had to go to work so I stayed with her Mum but they would come over every week to see me. She used to phone her Mum to say that she was on her way then I would just lie up on the back of the chair at the window waiting for them to arrive.  Her Mum used to say that I knew every word but then I could never understand why they used to go away and leave me as Mum always cried when she left.


This was taken about 40 yrs ago this is me with Mum but she can't  remember when it was taken but we were in one of these passport photo booths.




Unfortunately Mum cant remember when she lost me & I went to Rainbow Bridge but it was a very long time ago but I know that she will never forget me as I was her first dog













Mum eventually was able to have another furry friend in 2004 when she got Suzi  to love as she no longer had me or her Mum.... ..but then Suzi  joined me at Rainbow Bridge on 13th April 2017 & she now has Gino who gives her all the love that she needs as she doesnt have us anymore. 



But I know that Mum will never forget me as I was definitely her first love..


This is my Mum here with Suzi  think this is around 2004





Tina's Friends

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Things I love: Going in the car also having walks at the beach. I was always there every time Mum picked up her car keys as I knew I would be going in Mum's Mini.

Things I hate: Not much I hated perhaps a bath.

My favourite walks: In the park and at the seaside

Other pets who share my home: None

My favourite saying: Going in the car

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Type: Past friend
Sex: Female
Birthday: 22/02/1972
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: christined
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