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Flat-Coated Retriever


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Hello my name is Inca Sangster. My show name is - Time to Dream -.I am a bit cheeky! I absolutley loooveee food :) its delicious!! But not my plain old dog biscuits.No i like proper food like cake,cereal, and so on.Oh and i also like socks :) ! But i can be preety sweet at times. Probably most of the time i look REALLY cute is when i'm begging! I always pull when i ffirst get out the house knowing that i'll be getting a good walk! But thats not a good thing though! Once I was taking my youngest owner (11 years old) out for a walk (note i said I was taking her for a walk! ) and i saw this dog that i hadnt seen for ages, i got really exited and pulled her she didnt let go because she didnt want me to go on the main road outside, but she let go in the end but she stripped and tripped and then went smack bang into a wall. Bad stuff. I have finally stopped jumping up at people! But i love licking the sweat of my other owner who like to go on cycle rides!


Things I love: Food, Tennis Balls, More Food, What my owners are having for tea, anything chewable, washing, other dogs, barking at the postman, eating the ham that the stupid owners left on the kitchen top just in reach for me, sockss :)

Things I hate: my cage that my owners lock me in if i have run outside to the front garden near the main road

My favourite walks: We walk from our house through the canal up to Aireville Park then go for a drink at canalside then walk through the woods. Or just go round the reservior...

My favourite saying: : ) : ) : )P

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 29/07/2006
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Emilu
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