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AKA Fleurtrude when I'm being naughty.


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I had a really bad start in life and never met any other humans or dogs, but I dont want to talk about it because things are soooo much better now and I love my new home.  My human got me from a rescue home when I was 11 months - that was in April '09.  Their dalmatian died the christmas before so they needed a very special dog - just like me - to fill a gap.  I did have a BIG problem with mouthing when I came to live with them but now I realise there are better ways to get their attention.  I think my name may have changed to 'beautiful' because thats what they keep calling me.  I'm still a bit of a baby and I dont like going out in the rain.  We are going for walks with the local Weinaramer club and I cant wait to see other dogs just like me!


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Things I love: Anything that involves me! I love my mummy coming home from work because thats when I get my dental chew. I love running in the corn fields where I meet other dogs, at my first home I never ever saw another dog so this is all new to me and I love it!!!!!

Things I hate: The rain! and being told off when I have chewed yet another pair of mummys shoes, she knows I'm sorry though.

My favourite walks: Anywhere - I'm getting to be really good off of the lead now. I'm going to the beach soon and I think that may very well become my new favourite walk.

Other pets who share my home: No other pets. I have my mummy and thats all I need, there are a few other humans who play with me and take me out but I love my mummy more than everything. Also, my 'brothers' Danny and Connor, who play fight with me and chase me around when we are in the fields, they know how to wear me out so I have a nice long sleep when we get back. There's also a little person who comes every weekend, I think that is mummys grandaughter - I like her because she feeds me lots of nice things.

My favourite saying: It wasn't me!

Breed: Weimaraner
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 21/05/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: sammij
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